Want to discover our local Sasquatch?  Learn the history of our Sasquatch- while snapping a few selfies! 


1. Start at the entrance of Harrison Hot Springs, there you'll find Hot Springs Harry waiting to pose with you. He is located on the corner of Hot Springs Rd and McPherson Rd. 

2. Once you have struck a pose with Harry, make your way to the Harrison Visitor Information Centre and Sasquatch Museum. Here you'll find your second Sasquatch; along with an entire museum dedicated to the Sasquatch! Learn the history and the local lore with Tourism Harrison's interactive display, Sts'ailes history, article archive, and footprint castings.


3.After you have immersed yourself in the museum, you may continue onto the next leg of your journey. Find your perfect parking spot in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs; this next part will require a bit of walking. From your parking spot, walk towards the Harrison Resort, contiue past until you find our flood gate. This flood gate was built to help maintain water levels between the lake and the river; as well as protect our local fish species. On the flood gate you'll find the next Sasquatch. It is a painting of the Sts'ailes Sasquatch.


4. Continue past the flood gate, to the Hot Springs Source. It is said that the Sasquatch drinks the hot springs water. He better be careful though, our hot springs water is piping hot at 145° F or 62.8° C.


5. Walk back towards the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, continue past the plaza. This next Sasquatch likes to be close to his favourite snacks; coffee and chocolate! This Sasquatch is located on the corner of Esplanade Ave. and Maple St.;  near the lagoon, and across from Memorial Hall and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  While you're here, stop in and pick up "Sasquatch Feet" at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!  These feet are delicious!
6. Retrace bigfoots steps back to the Village Mall. Here you'll find the Sasquatch that loves to shop!
7. After you have peeked into all our local shops you may make your way to the final Sasquatch Statue. This is one hungry Sasquatch, so beware.  You'll find him with his favourite food; pizza! Find the wooden carving of the Sasquatch eating a piece of pizza at the Village Pizzeria.
8. Once you have spotted all the Hot Spring Harry's around town, it's time to find a real Sasquatch. Drive out to Sasquatch Provincial Park, where there has been some recent sightings.  Take a dip in Hicks Lake, while you're waiting for your Sasquatch to arrive.  
9. Return to Harrison for a relaxing hot springs soak, a great meal, or a relaxing boat tour. Who knows, you might spot Harry when you least expect it!





Visitor's Guide