Canoeing and Kayaking - When canoeing and kayaking in Harrison Lake its important to remember that it is 60 km (37.2 mi.) long and 9 km (5.58 mi.) wide in spots, glacier fed and is subject to sudden and sometimes strong winds.  Please be prepared, what you need to know:

Best Canoe/Kayak excursions

Follow the Goldminers - canoe down the Harrison River.  150 years ago Goldminers in their thousands took paddlewheelers up the Harrison River on their way to Port Douglas following their gold fever.  These days the Harrison River is more tranquil and a great place to paddle.  Staying to the north side of the river will generally keep you away from the boat traffic and if you leave a second car at Kilby Park,  you won't have to paddle back up river to Harrison.  Alternatively kayak halfway and then return to Harrison the way you came.

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