Hiking & Nature Walks in Harrison Hot Springs

Discover the natural splendor of BC by hiking or backpacking around Harrison Hot Springs and its lake.  The map below provides an overview of some of the hikes in the Harrison Hot Springs region.  The green arrows will provide the name of the hike and if you click on the green arrow you will be taken to a detailed description and map of the hike or follow the links below.

Spirit Trail

Miami Bridges

Hicks Lake Loop

Spirit Trail/Bridle Trail Loop

Sandy Cove/Whippoorwill Point

 Harrison Grind (the hike to Campbell lake)

 Bear Mountain

 Need help with your hike or want to rent a GPS with all these hikes preloaded then contact Harrison Eco Tours.  Want a guided hike check out the Guiding companies below: 

Harrison Grind Hike 10 Bridges Hiking Trail Deer Lake Trail Sprit Trail Lower Bear Mountain Trail Sandy Cove/Whipperwill Point Hicks Lake

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