Harrison Hot Springs: Fishing Paradise

Harrison Hot Springs, situated on the largest freshwater lake in southwestern BC is a fishing paradise.  With dozens of nearby riers and streams, and a number of lakes all within a short car or boat ride there is great fishing year round whether it be wild salmon, trout, steelhead or the incredible sturgeon.  Combine great fishing with accommodations to suit every budget in a small resort Village surrounded by forests, mountains and water and you have found the perfect place to spend your fishing vacation.  To book a package with our local guide go to www.bcsportfishinggroup.com.   

John Wilson fishing sturgeon fishing on the Harrison River

The mighty Fraser River is the main artery of millions of migrating salmon that pass through on the way to the spawning grounds. This river is home of the long lived white sturgeon, the largest fresh water fish in North and South America. These monster fish grow to over one thousand pounds and live nearly 200 years. They are considered to be one of the most spectacular fresh water sports fish, having the reputation for their size, strength, and impressive jumps. 

Bald eagle on Harrison river

The local Harrison River has been designated the first salmon stronghold in Canada becuase of the spectacular salmon returns it experiences.  This incredible river system is home to all 5 species of pacific salmon.  The abundance of salmon leads to one of the most spectacular natural migrations of Bald Eagles in the world with up to 10,000 Bald Eagles descending on this river every November.

John Wilson salmon fishing

Harrison Hot Springs also offers great trout fishing and fly fishng opportunities.  This is a fishing destination where one day you can be fighting a prehistoric sturgeon for over an hour and the next day fly fishing for salmon.  Formore information on fishing in our region and guided fishing packages contact our local guide BC Sportfishing Group at www.bcsportfishinggroup.com or 1.604.796.3345

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