BC Hot Springs

BC has many hot springs, some of which are situated in the most scenic locations to be found anywhere on the globe.   BC hot springs have a naturally high mineral content after emerging from the core of the earth, this natural mineral water is reported to exert therapeutic effects that relieve or restore people's health. Learn more about Hydrotherapy.

Harrison's Hot Springs, originally revered as the "healing place" by the local Sts'ailes First nations were first discovered by Europeans in the 1800's.  The traditional story talks about one member of a nearly frozen group of miners returning down the lake from Port Douglas, falling into the water from either being over anxious to reach the shore or from exhaustion. In any event this miner was so happy with the warmth, that his companions soon joined him. A year later Judge Matthew Begbie named the springs Alice Springs after the daughter of then Governor Douglas.  Sometime later they received the name Harrison Hot Springs to honour Hudson Bay Director Benjamin Harrison.

Harrison has two hot springs that are combined to create the unique Harrison Hot Springs healing waters.  Guests staying at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa may access the resort pools which are served from the Springs' source.  The Public Pool is centrally located at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade is accessible by all visitors to Harrison Hot Springs.  For times, entrance fees and more information on the public hot springs pool.

The facts about our Hot Springs 

In addition to Harrison Hot Springs public mineral pool other great public Hot Springs in B.C. include:


Other less known Hot Springs that often require some off-roading or hiking can be found if you follow this link: BC Hot Springs.  This site also has an extensive listing of hot springs throughout BC.


Just over the border in Alberta are a couple of other hot springs worth mentioning:

Another great resource on the natural healing properties of hydrotherapy is provided by www.1800 Wheelchair.com

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