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Spring Break

Spring Break and the Art of Maintaining Parental Sanity.

1…When you wake up in the morning, resign yourself to wet, sandy clothes at the end of the day, and remember,  it was FUN to go outside in the rain when you were a kid !

2…If you are planning to end up at the Indoor Public Pool, after a hike or playtime at the beach,
- Have the kids put bathing suits on under their clothes when they are getting dressed.
- Pack towels and shampoo for everyone (separate boys from girls).
- Take into the pool, a plastic water bottle for everyone…the water is warm enough that kids can get dehydrated if they are in the water for any length of time.
- There’s nothing wrong with wrapping up in a towel for the drive home and no need to put dirty clothes on     clean skin!

3…Have the kids wear rubber boots… if the weather is nice they will end up in bare feet on the beach anyway and if the weather is not so nice, you won’t have to deal with wet runners and cold feet.

4…Some different picnic options:
- A loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and some banana’s (don’t forget a knife for the peanut butter).
- Cold hot dogs or heat them through and wrap them in tin foil.
- Crackers, cheese and slices of apple, oranges and cantaloupe.
- Cold thin pancakes spread with Nutella or peanut butter or even a thin spread of butter with brown sugar sprinkled over it. Roll the pancakes to make them easy for small hands to hold.
- Veggies and dip, fruit and dip, cookies and dip.
- Soft shell tacos.

5…Pick a hike to do each day…check out the Tourism Website.  Hover over the word PLAN in the blue banner and then from the drop down menu, check out the Harrison map under Visitor Toolkit and the list of things to do under Itinerary.  Or, use the following list to select a different place to go each day…

- Hicks Lake
- Green Point
- Sandy cove
- The Bridges Trail
- The Spirit Trail
- Lower Bear Mountain Trail
- The Lagoon
- Team up with another family and create scavenger hunts for each other.
- Have a family sand sculpture contest

8…DRIVE to the trail head or the beach…this way you can avoid the “I’m too tired to walk home!” issues and the “I’m too tired to carry this!” issues AND you have a place to stow things like beach toys.

9…Purchase a bottle of water for each member of the family.  Do not throw them out when they are finished.  At the end of each day, clean them, fill them half full of water or juice and freeze them.  When you are ready for the next day’s adventure, top up the bottle with more water or juice.

10…Always stuff a few plastic bags in your pocket so that when the kids find rocks and treasures, they will have somewhere to put their stuff. 

11…At the end of the day, if the kids clothes aren’t wet, just shake them out and let the kids wear them a second day…if they’re having fun they’re just going to get dirty again anyway!

Pssssst…keep an eye out for Hot Springs Harry…he’s on Spring Break too!

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