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March into Spring!

March 8, 2017

Why don’t we all ignore the sporadic snow falls, and agree that we are in need of some March Madness – spring fever – whatever you want to call it. It's, officially, time to kiss winter goodbye!
If the March 12th Spring Forward time change or, upcoming, Spring Break with the kiddos doesn’t get you in the mood, we have some awesome suggestions that will inspire you to head #justuptheroad to Harrison Hot Springs.

Bring the family, your lover, mother, sister or brother…any way you slice it, it’s time to shake off the flurries!
Here we go!
  1. Never forget…a staple for every visit...Hot Springs at the pool!
Harrison Hot Springs is far enough away to feel away from it all, but only a 40-minute drive from Abbotsford and a, scenic, 1.5 hour drive from Vancouver.  Put some spring in your step and START THE CAR!



You'll want to return again and again to this gallery featuring Canadian and local artists. Take a browse, then relax with  a cup of tea or hot chocolate.


Not to be cheesy, butHappy Cow = Happy Cheese. A key ingredient of quality cheese is whole milk from cheerful, pasture-fed cows & goats.


In the spirit of leaving no stone unturned, explore the prospect of undiscovered beauty with treasures, such as metaphysical stones,
local hand-crafted art, and
locally-found gems and stones.


Hop to it – Easter is around the corner and you know what is not hidden? How happy you will be to enjoy a sweet treat at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!


They may not open until Easter, but get those legs in shape now for some invigorating quadracycling!
Hop on, have some huge laughs, and explore Harrison Hot Springs!


Check out the vibe at Harrison Village Mall. Be sure to get your picture taken with Sasquatch!
Thank you @breannatrench


Give a lick about local…ice cream that is! With 6 ice-cream destinations & delicious flavours that will have you ice-screaming for joy!


You have GOT TO eat here!
Old Settler’s Meatloaf Sandwich and French Onion Soup are ‘outta this world!
Feeling hungry? Not for long!


While 20 minutes is all you need, take the time to enjoy the cedar trees that have been decorated with beautiful native masks, by a local resident artist. Breathe deeply and pause.

HARRISON HOT SPRINGS AT THE POOL your hear that? It’s your muscles and joints thawing.
Loosen and limber up with a trip to the Harrison Hot Springs pool.
You’re welcome. :)



Inviting You to Celebrate the Cozy this Month!

February 8, 2017

February usually has us smiling and dancing to a spring in our step as we anticipate the onset of spring, but Mr. Groundhog was very clear about longer winter weeks.

Remove that long, sad face because there is always a silver lining and snow, or no snow, Harrison Hot Springs is here to bring back the 'love & cozy' this month!

Here is what we recommend!

Family Day is a great addition to February with Christmas Break seeming so distant already. Escape with the kids and make it a long weekend!

Valentine's Day is the the day to ignite those tanks of burning love and get those sparks going again. Take the kids to grandma and grandpa's so the two of you can escape alone.

Harrison Hot Springs is far enough away to feel "away" from it all but only a 40-minute drive from Abbotsford and a scenic 1.5 hour drive from Vancouver.  Forget hopping on a plane or driving across treacherous winter roads, the answer  to your February blahs is #justuptheroad.

valentine's day specials


Reserve now for our special Valentine's Dinner. Romance, candlelight, and dancing cheek-to-cheek is the traditional Copper Room experience. Ask about our Romance Package, starting February 19th!

Kidnap your sweetheart and and indulge in a delicious farm-to-plate dinner, prepared with a whole lot of TLC.


Create memories with one of the best seats in the house. Lakefront views and authentic German cuisine.


With boxes named Desire and Bomb, these chocolates are designed especially for you.


The best hand-crafted lattes and monstrous desserts that are meant to be shared.


Renew the 'woo' in your life with a romantic getaway and Valentine's Romance package.

Aahhh..this special allows you to sleep in with a late check-out,
sparkling wine, chocolate, and roses.




Rainy Days and Winter Days... Come on Down!!!

Rain, puddles, and mud can heal your soul and bring out the kid in all of us. Revel in it!

As the Village of Harrison settles into the winter season, visitors often bypass Harrison as a destination assuming that there is “nothing to do”. They couldn’t be more wrong.  The easiest solution to enjoying cold and rain is a… change of clothes.
There are few things as magical to a child (or young teen for that matter) than being let loose in the pouring rain to run on the beach, make mud castles and generally stop being told to Button up! Wear your hat! Don’t step in puddles!!! By bringing a change of clothes and a large garbage bag to carry home your “have fun” clothes, parents can, with a wonderful hot chocolate, coffee, tea or mocha in hand, pull out the camera and capture pure joy on the faces of their children…or better yet, jump in yourself and be a kid again.

Here is how you can enjoy with abandon the following things to do in Harrison when it's not summer:

BC Sport Fishing Group

Sturgeon Fishing Charters and Off-Season Fishing. From December 15 to April 30th we offer daily walk and wade tutorials for either gear or fly fishers.

Farm House Natural Cheeses

Bring along some cut apples for the horses and pull up a couple of handfuls of green grass for the cows and goats!

Harrison Eco Tours

Harrison River Eagle Viewing Tours

Sasquatch Country Adventure Tours

Shoreline Lake Tours

The Back Porch

Lynda has been a full-time potter for the last 30 years and a willow basket maker for over 20 years, so be sure to check out the studio and showroom.  Dan is a full-time artisan coffee roaster, offering certified organic and origin coffees. He works with an antique Royal #5 roaster dating from 1919 and there’s always coffee on.

Trout Fishing in Trout, Hicks, and Deer Lake

Chilliwack River Rafting

Running the most awesome trips ever, all year round!

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Sandpiper Golf

Course conditions change daily which can determine if we are open for play. Call ahead for course updates and to book a tee-time by *phone, please call 1-844-796-1717 (extension 1) *Regular green fee rates apply when phoning the Pro Shop!*Regular Rates $59.95/person Mid-Week & $79.95/person Weekends & Holidays (taxes are extra)

Harrison Beer and Oktoberfest 2016

Hold onto your Lucky Charms... The Harrison Beer & Oktoberfest is going Irish!

The 5th Annual Harrison Beer Festival Friday October 28th & Saturday October 29th

First things first. You need to buy tickets before they sell out! Next, you will need a proper Irish Leprechaun Name...

What's your Leprechaun name?

Use the letter that your name starts with to find your first name:

A - Antiquee B - Bubbles C - Corney D - Droopy E - Ethically F - Fussy G - Grumpy H - Harmony I - Itchy J - Jaunty K - Knobby L - Lumpy M - Messy N - Nippy O - Ornery P - Perky Q - Queasy R - Rolypoly S - Snappy T - Testy U - Unruly V - Vaguely W - Wobbley X - Xspecially Y - Yummy Z - Zippy

Use the month that you were born to find your last name:

Jan - McComplicated Feb - O'Doodle Mar - McDiddleDoodle Apr - McCreepy May - O'Lucky Jun - O' Droopy Jul - McSippy Aug - McNugget Sept - O'Shlitzski Oct - McMuffin Nov - McWobbly Dec - O'Shootsky

Now that you have tickets and a proper Irish Name, here are some extremely useful Irish words and phrases:

What? = Cad?

Can you speak more slowly? = An miste leat labhairt níos moille?

You speak Irish, good for you. = Tá Gaeilge agat, bail ó Dhia ort.

I need more beer. = i gá níos mó beoir.

I can't find my beer. = Ní féidir liom teacht ar mo beoir.

Hello, you look like beer. = Dia duit , a fhéachann tú cosúil le beoir.

Can I have your beer? = Is féidir liom a bheith do beoir ?

Do I look fat? = dhéanann Táim saill?

Where's the bottle opener?  I can't get this twisty thing off the top of the bottle! = Nuair is é an opener buidéal?  Ní féidir liom a fháil an rud twisty as an barr an bhuidéil!

Now take your tickets, your proper Irish name, your useful phrases and go to the following events:

CASK NIGHT - Friday October 28th from 6:30pm until 10:30pm

Will bring in up to eight of BC's best craft breweries, for an evening of friendly competition comparing a variety of unique, one of a kind brews. With a warm and friendly Irish pub feel complete with food, music and games. More info:

HARRISON BEER FESTIVAL- Saturday October 29th from 1:00pm until 6:00pm

Armed with your complimentary tasting glass, compare a selection of awesome craft beers.  You will then vote to decide the winner of this year's Harrison Beer Festival.  Check out the website to see the list of Brewers or the list of beers they will be pouring.  More info:

OKTOBERFEST DANCE - Saturday October 29th from 8:00pm until 11:30pm

October and beer means Oktoberfest and tonight you will experience great music with the Beer Barrels, great beer & a great time. Come dressed to celebrate and the best male and female costumes will win a great prize. More info:

By the end of the Harrison Beer Festival you will believe...say it with me now... I BELIEVE!

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