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The Harrison Lakefront Car Show

Harrison Hot Springs Lakefront Car Show





Saturday August 13th the 4th Annual Lakefront Car Show

Come out and enjoy a day strolling through cars from all eras, with the backdrop of the beautiful village and lake of Harrison Hot Springs.

No registration fee! Registration opens at 8:00am at the Lakefront. No entrance fees. The car exhibit is open to the public from 10:00am until 4pm. Numerous door prizes! Trophies for Mayors choice, class winners and fan favourite! Dance to the live music of Rockwell Band! If you are interested in registering your car or interested in finding out more information about donating prizes or sponsorship opportunities please email or connect with us by phone at 604-796-5581.

Sasquatch Days

Sasquatch Days





Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th   

The joint hosts for this year's event, Sts’ailes First Nations (Coast Salish People of the Stolo Nation) and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, invite visitors to this unique event that brings two communities together in an opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Sts’ailes people and share cultural experiences.   This inter-cultural celebration includes canoe races,  traditional salmon barbeque, medicine walks, cultural boat tours, arts & craft activities, games, entertainment and most importantly talks on the Sasquatch from Sts’ailes experts and local Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch investigators.

This year’s two-day event will begin at 9:00 am Saturday June 25th with a short procession to Harrison Lake Plaza where a welcoming ceremony will be held at 10:00.  Each day will feature artisan activity tables, medicine walks and opportunities for intercultural sharing.  Saturday morning the main event starts as war canoes gather for a friendly competition that will continue with final races on Sunday.  Of course, no canoe race is complete without a traditional salmon barbeque that will take place Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Is Sasquatch Real?

Described as a bi-pedal mammal of exceptional size (sometimes reaching 14’) with great strength and reddish hair covering its entire body, the Sasquatch is legendary in Harrison Hot Springs and there have been many regional sightings. The word Sasquatch is thought to be a mispronunciation of the Sts’ailes First Nations word ‘Sasq’ets’, meaning ‘hairy man’. For centuries, the Sasquatch has occupied a unique niche in the oral traditions of the First Nations communities of Harrison Lake and Harrison River. The Sts’ailes believe the Sasquatch is a spiritual being that can vanish into the spirit realm at will, which may explain why the elusive being is so difficult to track down.

It is interesting to note that people will rarely begin a conversation by stating their personal beliefs but will instead inquire “So, do you believe Sasquatch are real?” 

Look over a map of the vast wilderness surrounding Harrison Lake.  It is difficult to imagine the sheer expanse, the thousands of square kilometers of forest and mountain.  The majority of us, if we go hiking or camping, tend to limit our movement to an area that is defined by the distance to our entrance or egress point.  If we were to play hide and seek in the woods, we would have no difficulty in not being seen or found even in a very small area.  Likewise, we have no doubt that these woods are home to grizzly, cougar, deer, mountain goats, big horn sheep, moose and even wild boar…all of these amazing creatures exist and yet are rarely seen.  

Perhaps we only disbelieve the idea of Sasquatch because we cannot conceive of a being with human characteristics who would not need, or seek out, human comforts.  But then that type of thought process is only an indication of how limited we are in our thinking and does not take into account how resourceful a Sasquatch would have to be to exist without any of what we call “Creature comforts”,  those material things or luxuries that help to provide for one's bodily comfort.

Harrison 3.0

Harrison 3.0




Tourism Harrison Hot Springs | Find Nature... Just up the Road

In an effort to show visitors that Harrison Hot Springs is more than just another sunny day destination, Tourism Harrison is launching a new marketing campaign called Harrison 3.0. Tourism Harrison Executive Director Robert Reyerse, says the town has undergone a lot of changes during the last few years and should be celebrated. Harrison is a new revitalized, reborn, refreshed place with lots going on.

The village has seen a large amount of improvements, including a new pump station, renovations to Esplanade Avenue, a new washroom and recreation facility, and the upcoming opening of a regional park.
While Harrison 3.0 is geared to anyone interested in visiting the Harrison area, one area Tourism Harrison wants to spotlight is the day-trippers who come to visit from surrounding areas such as Chilliwack, Hope and Abbotsford, with the ultimate goal being a renewed interest in Harrison as a destination.

We have it all... we are the perfect place for romance, for  families with young children, for families with older children, for renewing and refreshing relationships, for photographers, boaters, hikers, swimmers, bird lovers, sand castle builders, Sasquatch chasers, campers, art lovers, fishermen, walkers, runners, road bikers, stroller-pushers, dog walkers, kiters, windsurfers, Circle Farm Tour-ers, stock car racers, and golfers, to name just a few.

Find nature... just up the road.

Biking in and around Harrison

Biking in and Around Harrison





Harrison Hot Springs offers some of the finest biking to be found in the Fraser Valley. At Harrison's doorstel the fertline farmland of Agassiz provides kilometer after kilometer of beautiful scenery and wonderful country roads. Best of all it is all flat. Starting from the Harrison Visitor Center, you could do a twenty kilometer route and come back feeling as though you've only pedalled five.

There is so much to see and do that the road rolls beneath your wheels and the sun, fresh air and freedom flows through you like a summer breeze.  Ride past a number of Circle Farm Tour stops...  Watch for the cat in the grass...

At The Back Porch,  Dan and Lynda invite you to visit their pottery & basketry studio, watch coffee being roasted in a circa 1919 flame roaster or head out to the barn to see the antiques and collectables.  Farm House Natural Cheeses  offers a variety of hand made artisan cheeses that are produced from rich, fresh milk produced from the dairy cows and goats on the farm...and, the gelato flavors are awesome!  The barn animals are wonderful to visit and love head scratches and ear rubs!

Bike around Limbert mountain...ride the dike...or, for those of you looking for something more challenging, take on Mount Woodside and see if you have what it takes to get to the other side.

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