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October 1st, 2019

Fall in Harrison
Sharing the Best of the Season
Set Your Sights on Wildlife

The Harrison region is famous for attracting all types
of wildlife. During the fall, the annual salmon
spawning season starts in mid October, attracting tens of
thousands of bald eagles. Watch the salmon run
at Weaver Creek and see the eagles at designated
eagle viewing sites. You can also book a river tour. 

Fishing Mecca

On the shores of Harrison Lake, you have easy boat
access to the Harrison River-- the first designated
Salmon Stronghold in Canada. The river is an artery
of the migrating salmon. Harrison Lake and River are
also home to steelhead trout and the prehistoric sturgeon.

Explore our guided tours! 

Shoreline Tours
These leisurely tours offer a covered 2.5-hour cruise
on the big Laroan. Listen to the crew talk about the
area’s ecosystem and grab a bite.

Harrison Eco Tours
Specializing in wildlife, these jet boat tours are best
suited for smaller groups. You'll see the river in a more
intimate way while still staying warm. 

Put on your running shoes and spend some time
in the great outdoors! Boundless panoramas, glacial peaks,
river-carved valleys, rich forest, lakeside breezes...
it’s all waiting to be explored by you.
Recommended Hikes 

Sandy Cove Trail & Whippoorwill Point

Just past the trail, leading to the natural hot springs source,
this hike will take you further down the shoreline .
Be prepared for some unbelievable views and
great picture opportunities.

A short 1-kilometre walk, through a beautiful cedar forest,
that is very accessible from the Harrison Hot Springs Village.
What makes this trail so special is that a local resident artist
has decorated many of the cedars with masks. 
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October 12-14th
Thanksgiving at Kilby

October 25-26th
Harrison Beer Festival

October 26-27th
Kilby Kids Halloween Party

November 6-8th
Sturgeon Challenge

November 16-17th
Bald Eagle Festival 
Is it marked in your calendar?

Lights by the Lake
November 23, 2019, to
January 12th, 2020

Lights by the Lake is quickly
approaching!The event highlights
Harrison’s longstanding history of the
elusive Sasquatch.

Light displays line the 1-km
waterfront promenade and,
synthetic skating rink! 

Skating is free!
Visitors can bring their own ice skates
or rent a pair. 

Lights by the Lake is free to attend and
 open from dusk to 11:00 PM. 


Harrison Hot Springs is far enough away
to feel away from it all.
Love the journey as much as the visit.  


Let Harrison Put a Little Spring in Your Step

                                                                                                                                           April 1, 2018

April's sunshine allows for more than just a quick jaunt out of the house. Dust off those trusty old hiking boots and fill your backpack with healthy snacks. Ski season is nearing the end, and it's time to exercise your heart and lungs.

Spring is the season of renewal! Get ready to feel alive, strong, and free to roam wherever the unmarked paths take you!


Harrison has a great variety of hikes, strolls, and walks, from novice to experienced, and with no shortage of sites to explore.

Check out our hiking list that's listed from moderate to difficult.

EASY:  Spirit Trail -- more than an average walk! Enjoy the cedar trees that have been decorated with beautiful First Nation's masks by a local artist.

BRING THE FAMILY: Hicks Lake Trail-- your kids have a bunch of energy to burn after winter hibernation. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy this 2-hour 'hike' with the littles.

MEDIUM:  Sandy Cove Trail (Whippoorwill Point) -- the first 150 meters are tough, but after that you are golden! The reward? A stellar view of Harrison Lake.

HARD:  Campbell River Trail (The Harrison Grind) -- Harrison's own version of the Grouse Grind, with a 700-meter ascent, this is a 3-5 hour hike that is designed for the experienced!

DIFFICULT: Slollicum Peak -- Slollicum is a 1200 meter ascent with a remote 14k return hike, east of Harrison Lake Gravel Road. It's off the beaten path and gorgeous.




You have worked up a sweat and are ready for a monster bowl of something satisfying.

If you are after a pint, stop by The Old Settler Pub or Sandpiper Resort's Clubhouse.

Muddy's serves their coffee hot, and signature-size desserts are guaranteed to 'hit the spot'. Wanting a bit more on the upscale and farm-fresh? Try Harrison Corner, Black Forest,  Copper Room, or Morgan's Bistro. Bring a change of clothes and celebrate the adventure you just experienced.




Unfortunately, this popular wine festival is SOLD OUT by day, but there is some room on April 20, 2018 to explore our restaurants for Uncorked by Night

Rowena's Inn on the River has partnered with Singletree Winery, Morgan's Bistro is with Kettle Valley, and Harrison Corner is collaborating with Maan Farms Winery.

Beautiful food and wine pairings never looked so good!
Please book directly with each restaurant to reserve your table.




"Of all of the paths you take in life, make sure that a few of them are dirt." - John Muir

Harrison Hot Springs is far enough
away to feel away from it all, but only a 40-minute drive from Abbotsford and a scenic 
1.5-hour drive from Vancouver.

Love the journey as much as the visit. 
#justuptheroad .




Preparing you for your next adventure!

June 1, 2017

Yes, we have magical hot springs, but there's a whole side to us that is wooing the free spirit's heart.
We are here to help you dot your i's and cross your t's before your next trek.

Make sure you don't forget! Bring your:

1. Lightweight backpack
Filled with sunscreen, jerky, granola, and an environmentally-friendly water bottle. Or, stop by one of our cafés for a bite to pack up.

2. Supportive hiking shoes
No fun climbing a mountain with sore feet. 

3. Bike or kayak
We have rentals if you don't have one!

4. Camera or smart phone, and sketch pad and pencils to capture your memories
Be sure to snap a pic with Sasquatch Harry -- the read deal, of course, or you can stop by our statue. Sketch pad by a calming stream? Pure heaven.

5. Your swimsuit
Take a hot springs dip at the public pool or spend the night at the Harrison Resort and Spa.

6. Binoculars 
The views are stunning, and you are sure to catch a glimpse of Supernatural BC wildlife!

7. Change of clothes to transition from day to night. 
You'll feel much better getting out of your damp and grimy clothing before hitting a local hotspot. 

8. Your appetite 
A full day exploring equals hunger!

Nothing means more to us than tagged photos. Sending a huge thanks to our social media savvy visitors! Click here for further information.

Be prepared for the
time of your life!

Makes sure your checklist
includes an appreciation for
sensational views!

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#HarrisonHotSprings by 

Treat those tender tootsies right. Think about your awesome hike, not sore toes!

 JustUpTheRoad in #HarrisonHotSprings by @corrinskalbeck

Ride your bike to our Circle Farm Tour Partners, or chill on the water and watch soaring eagles.

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This is your journey...your Harrison Hot Springs. Capture it the way you want to remember.  

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Although tempting, we have to require a bathing suit at all times! (winky face)

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Noise and distraction make it hard to be in the present moment. Take all of Mother Nature in.

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Feeling adrenalized? Time for a cold one, and we don't mean
another pool dip.

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Can't let your blood sugar drop. Fuel up with small bites with good eats at local hotspots.

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Rainy Days and Winter Days... Come on Down!!!

Rain, puddles, and mud can heal your soul and bring out the kid in all of us. Revel in it!

As the Village of Harrison settles into the winter season, visitors often bypass Harrison as a destination assuming that there is “nothing to do”. They couldn’t be more wrong.  The easiest solution to enjoying cold and rain is a… change of clothes.
There are few things as magical to a child (or young teen for that matter) than being let loose in the pouring rain to run on the beach, make mud castles and generally stop being told to Button up! Wear your hat! Don’t step in puddles!!! By bringing a change of clothes and a large garbage bag to carry home your “have fun” clothes, parents can, with a wonderful hot chocolate, coffee, tea or mocha in hand, pull out the camera and capture pure joy on the faces of their children…or better yet, jump in yourself and be a kid again.

Here is how you can enjoy with abandon the following things to do in Harrison when it's not summer:

BC Sport Fishing Group

Sturgeon Fishing Charters and Off-Season Fishing. From December 15 to April 30th we offer daily walk and wade tutorials for either gear or fly fishers.

Farm House Natural Cheeses

Bring along some cut apples for the horses and pull up a couple of handfuls of green grass for the cows and goats!

Harrison Eco Tours

Harrison River Eagle Viewing Tours

Sasquatch Country Adventure Tours

Shoreline Lake Tours

The Back Porch

Lynda has been a full-time potter for the last 30 years and a willow basket maker for over 20 years, so be sure to check out the studio and showroom.  Dan is a full-time artisan coffee roaster, offering certified organic and origin coffees. He works with an antique Royal #5 roaster dating from 1919 and there’s always coffee on.

Trout Fishing in Trout, Hicks, and Deer Lake

Chilliwack River Rafting

Running the most awesome trips ever, all year round!

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Sandpiper Golf

Course conditions change daily which can determine if we are open for play. Call ahead for course updates and to book a tee-time by *phone, please call 1-844-796-1717 (extension 1) *Regular green fee rates apply when phoning the Pro Shop!*Regular Rates $59.95/person Mid-Week & $79.95/person Weekends & Holidays (taxes are extra)

Visitor's Guide