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Let Harrison Put a Little Spring in Your Step

                                                                                                                                           April 1, 2018

April's sunshine allows for more than just a quick jaunt out of the house. Dust off those trusty old hiking boots and fill your backpack with healthy snacks. Ski season is nearing the end, and it's time to exercise your heart and lungs.

Spring is the season of renewal! Get ready to feel alive, strong, and free to roam wherever the unmarked paths take you!


Harrison has a great variety of hikes, strolls, and walks, from novice to experienced, and with no shortage of sites to explore.

Check out our hiking list that's listed from moderate to difficult.

EASY:  Spirit Trail -- more than an average walk! Enjoy the cedar trees that have been decorated with beautiful First Nation's masks by a local artist.

BRING THE FAMILY: Hicks Lake Trail-- your kids have a bunch of energy to burn after winter hibernation. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy this 2-hour 'hike' with the littles.

MEDIUM:  Sandy Cove Trail (Whippoorwill Point) -- the first 150 meters are tough, but after that you are golden! The reward? A stellar view of Harrison Lake.

HARD:  Campbell River Trail (The Harrison Grind) -- Harrison's own version of the Grouse Grind, with a 700-meter ascent, this is a 3-5 hour hike that is designed for the experienced!

DIFFICULT: Slollicum Peak -- Slollicum is a 1200 meter ascent with a remote 14k return hike, east of Harrison Lake Gravel Road. It's off the beaten path and gorgeous.




You have worked up a sweat and are ready for a monster bowl of something satisfying.

If you are after a pint, stop by The Old Settler Pub or Sandpiper Resort's Clubhouse.

Muddy's serves their coffee hot, and signature-size desserts are guaranteed to 'hit the spot'. Wanting a bit more on the upscale and farm-fresh? Try Harrison Corner, Black Forest,  Copper Room, or Morgan's Bistro. Bring a change of clothes and celebrate the adventure you just experienced.




Unfortunately, this popular wine festival is SOLD OUT by day, but there is some room on April 20, 2018 to explore our restaurants for Uncorked by Night

Rowena's Inn on the River has partnered with Singletree Winery, Morgan's Bistro is with Kettle Valley, and Harrison Corner is collaborating with Maan Farms Winery.

Beautiful food and wine pairings never looked so good!
Please book directly with each restaurant to reserve your table.




"Of all of the paths you take in life, make sure that a few of them are dirt." - John Muir

Harrison Hot Springs is far enough
away to feel away from it all, but only a 40-minute drive from Abbotsford and a scenic 
1.5-hour drive from Vancouver.

Love the journey as much as the visit. 
#justuptheroad .




Spring is in the air!

                                                                                                                                          March 1, 2018

Slow clap...We made it!

The days are getting longer as we head towards moments filled with light and renewal. It's time to unravel from the cozy, uncurl from the tight-ball binge-watching position, and present ourselves to the world, again, as we embrace springtime!

Break the pattern, wake up, gather, and make time to feel amazing.


We have heard that "life is about the journey and not the destination", but if you are planning a family vacation with the kids, and maybe even Fido, save yourself the endless drive and stressful air travel. Start the getaway right away.
Harrison is family AND pet-friendly!

Choose from a variety of specials and packages this Spring Break. Mom and Dad get time-off from playing Chef, with these breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

And, don't forget your bathing suits for a dip in our soothing hot springs.




Sasquatch Museum Grand Opening

Learn all you can about the "primary caretaker who watches over our land", according to First Nations' lore. Discover why even scientists cannot dispute this ape-like creature's existence and why the hopes of catching a glimpse, of the mighty Sasquatch, continues to enamour new and returning guests.

The Sasquatch Museum is located at the Harrison Visitor Information Centre located at 499 Hot Springs Rd, Harrison Hot Springs.



Easter at Kilby Historic Site

The Easter Bunny is 'no bunny's' fool. On April 1, bring the family to Kilby Historic Site to search high and low for eggs and prizes. Decorate Easter eggs, play good ol' fashioned games, and spend time with the farm animals.

Treat the entire family to a traditional Roast Turkey Dinner at the cafe. Call to reserve your table in advance.


Uncorked Wine Festival

This popular wine festival has artisan style with locally-created food, vintage flair and, of course, beautiful, local wines! Returning to Harrison on April 20, 2018, bring a group of friends and explore Uncorked by Night or Uncorked by Day. 
Tickets can be purchased here or at the Tourism Harrison Hot Springs Visitor Centre. See participating wineries.


"Wherever you are - be all there." - Jim Elliott

Harrison Hot Springs is far enough away to feel away from it all, but only a 40-minute drive from Abbotsford and a scenic1.5 hour drive from Vancouver.

Love the journey as much as the visit. 
#justuptheroad .




Love is Always in the Air

                                                                                                                                          February 1, 2018

In January, we found ourselves reflecting on 2017, encouraged to be in the present moment, and create new vision for 2018.  With Family Day and Valentines Day approaching, our focus is also on connection and love -- and not just romantic love but family love, and, most importantly, self love.

Time spent in nature can strengthen one's well being and feeling loved. Although created with the best intentions, these special occasions can be challenging as the messaging is that we are less worthy if we aren't in a relationship or have family to celebrate with. Not. True! 

Expand your definitions, challenge your perceptions, and get ready to feel great!


February 12th marks Family Day! Pack up the people you love most and celebrate BC’s Family Day at Harrison Hot Spring’s Family Fun Day on February 10th in Memorial Hall!

Enjoy Science World demonstrations at 10:30, 12:00, 1:30 and 3:00, a variety of games and crafts including an indoor bouncy castle and button-making!, face painting, and a Sasquatch Selfie Scavenger Hunt.




Run away with your special someone for a night or two. Who needs Cupid with his bow and arrow, to feel good, when we have something even better? Hot Springs!

BC hot springs have a naturally high mineral content that are said to exert therapeutic effects, relieving and restoring one's health, and soothing the body and mind. It's called hydrotherapy.

  • Did you know that our Hot Springs:

  • were revered as a 'healing place', by the local Sts'ailes First Nations, who travelled by canoe to benefit from the waters?

  • are concentrated with potash and sulphur, which are 40 degrees, and 62 degrees Celsius, respectively?

  • average 1,300 ppm of dissolved mineral solids, one of the highest concentrations of any mineral spring? 

  • The Hot Springs Public Pool is located at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade, accessible by everyone! 

Treat the family, your love, and, most importantly, yourself.

Then... wrap your hands around a hot cup of coffee and take a leisurely stroll through a mystic forest. Bathe in its stillness and reconnect.



"Love is the bridge between you and everything." - Rumi



Harrison Hot Springs is far enough away to feel away from it all, but only a 40-minute drive from Abbotsford and a scenic 1.5-hour drive from Vancouver.  Love the journey just as much as the visit when you travel #justuptheroad .


Please complete this super quick survey of only 12 questions.
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We will award one of you with a one-night stay at 
Harrison Beach Hotel and hot spring pool pass for two!




Reflections of a Year Gone By...As 2018 Starts Anew!

Photo by















                                                                                                                                                                                            January 1, 2018

The end of a year marks a threshold...inviting pause.

Take time to reflect, look deep within, and set new intentions. Self reflection builds awareness, efficacy, and resilience, which will only help you to achieve your goals.

We are here to help you hit the 'restart' button as you begin 2018 with renewed focus.

"Today is the first day of Your 365 Day Book. 
Write a good one."

Be Still

Studies show that nature:

  • heals as it reduces anger, fear, and stress. We heal emotionally as our well-being connects with the natural elements. 
  • helps us cope with pain as we are genetically programmed to find forest and water soothing, thereby distracting us from pain and discomfort.
  • restores as we increase our ability to pay attention. People find nature, inherently, interesting, providing respite for our overactive minds and refreshing them for new tasks.
  • creates connection as the parts of our brains, associated with empathy and love, are activated. Nature inspires feelings that connect us to one another and our environment. 

Harrison is a land filled with meandering creeks, powerful waterfalls, mountaintop views, and deep forest and lakeside walks.



Go Into The Mystic

Look to the trees on Harrison's Spirit Trail and discover clay masks that were created by a local artist. His gift to the community created a deeper sense of connection to our natural landscape.  What story do you hear?



Cross The Bridge

"Of all of the paths you take in life, make sure
a few of them are dirt." - John Muir

Take a leisurely walk on a moss-covered path and cross the bridge over the Miami River. The forest will rejuvenate from head-to-toe.


Face Time

By 'face time', we are referring to the real thing. Stroll along
Harrison Lake and look ahead at Breckenridge Glacier. In the
face of time and wonder of Mother Nature, our
troubles are given perspective.


Happy New Year from our home to yours! May 2018 bring you peace, solitude, and joy!


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