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August 29th, 2019

 Harrison's Fall Foods
Sharing Our Top
Comfort Eats!
While some are sighing, others are
excited to welcome the fall feels. 
Cool days mean chunky knits,
steaming cups of tea, and comfort food! 

Did you know that Harrison
is a culinary hotbed?

Choose from quaint cafés
to upscale bistros with bold flavours
to warm the heart and belly!
Warmed Caesar Salad with a Poached Egg
Warmed Caesar Salad with a Poached Egg

Harrison Corner Café is launching
its seasonal menu where everything is
made from scratch. Come in for a
warmed Caesar Salad topped with
a perfectly poached egg or mushroom
risotto with truffle oil and goat cheese.

Mushroom Risotto with Goat Cheese and Truffle Oil
Rib Steak Burger with a Side Salad
Muddy Waters Café

This quaint café is known for its
farm-to-table philosophy. 
How about sinking your teeth into a 
juicy rib steak burger, made from 
locally-raised Black Angus Cattle,
and topped with gooey melted cheese
and all the fixins'!
Schnitzel Bratwurst

Mmmm...potatoes, sausage & gravy?
Experience authentic German cuisine
with fried potatoes, house-made
peppercorn gravy, & Schnitzel Bratwurst.
If it's raining, not to worry as Black Forest
has a covered and heated patio where
you can still enjoy the lake views. 
Calamari Dinner

From Germany to Greece, how about
the calamari paired with rice pilaf, pita
bread, and tzatziki? Owned by the same
family as Black Forest, Milos features
another beautiful patio.
Butter Chicken
Royal King Indian Restaurant

Meet the 'newest kid on the block'
having just opened a few weeks
ago. Fragrant and aromatic spices
infuse these dishes. Highly recommend
the Butter Chicken, cooked in a creamy
butter tomato sauce. 

Yes, we said butter!
Double loaded Bacon Cheeseburger
Harrison's neighbourhood pub with its
signature fireplace. Double the
deliciousness with two layers of beef,
bacon, cheese, & loaded toppings!
Pho Tai with Eye Round Steak & Vegetables
Phở Hồ Vietnamese Noodle

Soup.Is.Love. Choose your favourite
and pair a shrimp salad roll.
Truth is you'll have a hard time
choosing just one bite. 
Shrimp Salad Rolls and Peanut Sauce
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September 13-14th
 Agassiz Fall Fair and Corn Festival

September 16-20th
Championships Hobie Regatta

September 22nd
Harvest Festival at Kilby

September 28th
Harrison Festival Season Concert

October 12-14th
Thanksgiving at Kilby

October 25-26th
Harrison Beer Festival

October 26-27th
Kilby Kids Halloween Party
Mark Your Calendar!
Lights by the Lake

November 23, 2019 to
January 12th, 2020

Lights by the Lake returns with its
opening day on November 23rd.

The event highlights Harrison’s
longstanding history of the elusive
Sasquatch, which has been passed
down through the oral traditions of
the Sts’Ailes Nation.

Light displays line the 1-km
waterfront promenade and,
synthetic skating rink! 

Skating is free!
Visitors can bring their own ice skates
or rent a pair. 

Lights by the Lake is free to attend and
 open from dusk to 11:00 PM. 


Experience Harrison in the fall!

Harrison Hot Springs is far enough away
to feel away from it all.
Love the journey as much as the visit.  


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