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Kayaking and Canoeing...the Harrison Way.

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August 1, 2017

Harrison Hot Springs is a kayaking mecca for the novice and experienced paddler alike. From Harrison Mills to where the Harrison River meets Harrison Hot Springs, the scenery remains untouched, the water is calming, and the exploration routes are endless.
Did you know that…
  • Harrison Mills holds the record for being the world’s largest winter eagle gathering? From November to January, tens of thousands of eagles flock to the region as they feast on salmon. Harrison Mills is located only 15 minutes away from us!
  • Harrison Lake is crisp and clear because it is glacial-fed and often placed on Top 10 lists. It is wider and longer than it looks, amounting to 60 km in length and 9 km in width.
  • Paddle past First Nations' petrographs, burial sites, and the historic "Bubble and Squeak" sunken steamship and take in the abundant wildlife and scenic beauty that Harrison is known for.
  • You can rent kayaks from Killer’s Cove or take a guided tour with Harrison Eco Tours.

Know before you go:

  1. Stay close to shore. Strong winds can come up quickly and drift you just a little farther than you might like to go.

  2. Watch the weather as it can change quickly.

  3. Best to paddle with other kayaks or canoes. Thinking safety in numbers.

  4. Always strap on a life vest. You won’t look silly, you’ll look safe!

Dabble with a Paddle
This is the perfect trip for novice or experienced paddlers. Leaving twice daily from the Harrison Lake shore, this tour includes safety orientation and  a two-hour paddle on Harrison Lake.

Bring along the Littles
No need to leave the kids at home. Family-friendly Miami River is an easy, super-fun route that is well-suited for young(er) children. You will paddle right through the Village.

History Lesson on a Boat
Departing from Harrison Lake Beach, take a kayak down the Harrison River to Kilby Provincial Park in Harrison Mills. Paddle past petrographs and pictographs.

Over the Rainbow
Accessible only by boat, a full day trip in your kayak that you will never forget. Pack a picnic lunch and take a guided paddle to Rainbow Falls. Stretch your legs as you take a short hike up.

Lake to River in One Day
Bring a friend and two cars. Park one at either Sandpiper Golf Course and Rowena’s Inn on the River or Kilby Historic Site , in Harrison Mills, and the other at Harrison Hot Springs. Then paddle your way from Harrison Mills to your destination! Check it out in the fall when the bald eagles appear. 

A Legendary Park
Sasquatch Provincial Park touches on four lakes, two of which – Deer and Hicks – are well-suited to explore in small boats. (Electric motors only on Deer Lake and 10hp is the maximum permitted on Hicks.)  Paddle to the isolated Sandy Beach at Hick’s south end. Pack a tent and stay the night.

Spy with your Eagle Eye
Eco tours are not just for the birds. Paddle along calm waters on a guided trip and spy with your little eyes all that nature is hiding. 

Green PointJust a short 5km drive from Harrison Village, Green Point is 'chalk a block full' of salmon, eagles, and seals in the fall. A little explorer’s paradise!



BC Day Long weekend is just days away! Have you got plans?  Bike the Agassiz circle farm tour or learn what life was like in days of old at Kilby's Heritage Day. Is there a better way to celebrate BC's birthday?

With so much to do and only so many hours in a day, we encourage you to sleep tightBook your overnight stay. 

Harrison Hot Springs is #justuptheroad.


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