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Romance, Adventure & Forest-Bathing

Photo by November 1, 2017

Fall has arrived. Dreary, rainy days can definitely dampen one's mood, but we think it's all about perspective. Harrison is mystical in the fall. A silent fog can often be seen hovering over Harrison Lake, the trees and fauna are stunning as fall hues make a vibrant appearance, and the forest invites you to celebrate the present moment. It's time to slow down, relax, and re-energize.

Warm your tired bones by the fire, preferably in a cabin meant just for two. Take in the bald eagles soaring overhead, and give 'forest bathing' a try -- the art of spending time in nature, surrounded by trees that give us the oxygen we need to take in that extra breath of fresh air.

The beauty of Harrison Hot Springs is found in the Naturehood that surrounds us year-round. 

Our list brings light so you can combat the upcoming shorter and darker days.  


A Cottage for Two

Even the word bungalow evokes feelings of warm and cozy, doesn’t it?  Turn on the fire and turn up the heat!

Comfort Food & Drink

Every morning should start with a hot cup and feel-good breakfast bites. 

Hot Springs

Healing, hot mineral water never sounded so good. Did you know that our public pool is open all year?

Kick it up a Notch

 Dine in style, then dance the night away at the iconic Copper Room. Nothing 'old school' about the
Copper Room!

Swish, Swoosh, Stomp

Sasquatch Mountain (previously Hemlock Resort) is only a 35-minute drive away, and while you will need to watch their snow level report to see when it opens, once it is... ski, snowboard, and snowshoe to your heart's content!

As far as the Eagle
Eye Can Se

Spectacular winter phenomenon gaining global attention. Take a jet boat down the Harrison River and watch the bald eagles, as they congregate in pursuit of spawning salmon. For more activities, check out the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival on November 18 & 19  happening only 15 minutes away in Harrison Mills!

Close Encounter

For all you fishing enthusiasts, check out the Annual Harrison Sturgeon Challenge on Nov. 10. These modern-day dinosaurs will try their best to outswim a 'catch and release' that will bring you feel-good vibes.

Breathe Deeply

We all need it and we don't get enough of it...fresh, clean air. Head to the forest, breathe in the calm and breathe out the stress. Sit silently as you take in the present moment and celebrate everything around you.



We are only an hour and a half from Vancouver and 40 minutes from Abbotsford.  
PS: Treacherous mountain passes not required! Smooth sailing all the way here...we promise!

Harrison Hot Springs is #justuptheroad.


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