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2014 Harrison Dragon Boat Races

Saturday July 26th - 8:00am Start - 72 teams competing!


After looking over the 2013 Race results for the Harrison Dragon Boat Festival, I became intrigued with the Mixed Championship Gold finalist, a team from the Dragon Heart Racing Club from Vancouver, known as “Dragon Heart Unicorn”.

The whimsical name brought to mind a lazy paddle on a slow river and a time twenty-four years ago when we allowed our then 4 year old, to have input in her new sister’s name and our subsequent scramble to explain why calling our second daughter Rainbow Heart Unicorn wasn’t going to work out so well.

I see from the roster of teams participating in the 2014 Harrison Regatta that the Dragon Heart Unicorn Squad will not be here but that the Dragon Heart club will be well represented by a number of teams, including I hope, one which has Kevin of the Dragon Heart Breaker Squad.

(To say that this picture of Kevin captures the intense focus of the sport would be an understatement.)

With participants and spectators combined the Harrison Lake front embraces over 4500 people and literally thumps like a beating heart to the rhythm of the drums, the energy, music, laughter and good natured but fierce competition.  It is impossible not to become caught up in the atmosphere and good will.


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