Tourism Harrison Newsletter

Harrison Lake

Considered by some to be an undiscovered gem of natural and pristine beauty.  In my business I get many calls from customers outside the Lower Mainland area and most of them have never been to Harrison Lake and many have never even heard of it.  Harrison Lake is a boaters paradise, and that paradigm has been greatly overshadowed by the naming of Village at the southern end of the lake as Harrison Hot Springs.  Albeit there are hot springs in the Village, but they play a much lesser role than that of the lake.

Enough said about that topic.  Our focus is on the lake and as I said before, it is a pristine beauty that stretches some 50 miles in length.  For the boater it is a paradise.  Quiet bays can be fouind up and down both east and west shores of the lake.  The further north one travels the greater the solitude.  it is a blessing that development on the lake has been primarily limited to a small number of cabins in clustered areas such as Cascade Bay and Long Island.  If you have the opportunity to visit the lake by boat you will soon discover that it offers a unique experience within close proximity to the highly populated Lower Mainland region.  Come see for yourself!
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