Health Benefits of Being Outdoors & Biking

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Love seeing today’s awareness campaigns about health and fitness. Messaging strongly states to “get outdoors and stay fit”!

While the advancement of technology has brought convenience, the downside is sedentary living.

Let’s recapture --maintaining regular physical activity helps to protect our bodies from disease and obesity and fights mental illness.  We know this.


One of the ways to stay active and, still have fun, is to bike! We loved biking as kids –it was our ticket to freedom! Around teenage-hood, we got cars and many of us stopped. Remember that feeling of exploring hidden spots, riding down paths, and just being outside in the fresh air? Nostalgia at its best, right?

We encourage you to bring biking back.

The benefits of cycling are nearly endless! Riding a bike (even a stationary one) helps to reduce the risk of health problems –it’s a low impact exercise that is enjoyed by all ages- - but being outside in nature is stimulating. Remember last month’s post about Nature Deficit Disorder?

Other benefits? Biking is awesome for our environment as we aren’t polluting the air and parking is a breeze. We are witnessing a rise in biking to work, too. Did you know that there is roughly one billion people riding their bikes every single day? Don’t see biking as a workout. Bike to run an errand or see a friend.


You can ‘copy and paste’ this section and forward to those friends that you are asking to join you on bike rides.

Health Benefits:

● increases cardiovascular fitness and improved joint mobility
● increases muscle strength and flexibility in hands and legs
● decreases stress levels
● improves posture and coordination
● sharpens the mind
● strengthens bones
● decreases body fat levels
● prevents or manages disease and illness
● reduces anxiety and depression


General rule of thumb is to do 100 - 150 plus minutes of moderate physical activity a week. Breaking it down, that’s about 20-30 minutes of exercise 3-5 days a week.

We have some beautiful biking spots in Harrison. You can bring your own bike, but we also have rentals at Jaime Quadracycle from self-propelled vehicles and quadracycles to tricycles and regular bicycles. You can also rent by the hour at Glencoe Motel Bike Rentals or grab some from Harrison Beach. (Not limited to hotel guests.)



Ride out with our top 5 Picks:

Harrison has a variety of biking trails, suited for the novice to the experienced.

1) COUNTRY ROAD RIDE is a 26 km ride, taking you from Harrison Hot Springs to the farm lands of Agassiz as part of our Circle Farm Tour. You’ll drive past farms, corn fields, hazelnut orchards, cows, sheep, and, even, the odd donkey.

Back Porch: Pottery & basketry studio boasting antiques, collectibles, and other home/ garden décor items. Character buildings, chickens, goats and family vegetable gardens.

Farm House Natural Cheeses: Certified organic farm producing a wide variety of artisan farmstead cow and goat milk cheeses, non-homogenized milk, butter and yogurt from the farm's grass-fed cows and goats. Watch the cheesemaking process through the viewing window and take time for a stroll around the farm to visit the animals.

2) LAKESIDE: Bike along the gorgeous esplanade*.
(Please watch out for vehicles as it is a narrow shoulder.)

3) HARRISON MILLS TO HARRISON HOT SPRINGS: (and back) - for the more intermediate riders --an hour ride there and back -- stop at the springs on Mt. Woodside where you can fill up your water bottle with fresh spring water! (Note: there is an elevation gain on both sides.)

4) RIDE THROUGH THE VILLAGE: Nothing beats taking a tour of Harrison Village. (Please watch for other pedestrians and vehicles.)

5) BEAR MOUNTAIN SIDE TRAIL LOOP: A total 7.5 km round-trip. This ride begins at Memorial Hall and turns into Mount Street Trail. You’ll see lots of farmland, leading into forest and over a bridge crossing at which point you’ll twist and turn a bit more before looping back.

Pedal then pool: Stay and soak in one of the hot spring pools or enjoy the healing springs spa at Harrison Resort.


Bikes to Bites:

You have worked up a sweat and are ready for a monster bowl of something.

Stop by The Old Settler Pub or Sandpiper Resort's Clubhouse.

Muddy's serves their coffee hot, and signature-size desserts are guaranteed to hit the spot. Wanting a bit more on the upscale and farm-fresh? Try Harrison Corner, Black Forest,  Copper Room, or Morgan's Bistro.


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Harrison’s Top 5 Hiking Spots

Harrison Top 5 Hiking Spots

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πŸ“Spirit Trail

Feeling burnt out, stressed, or just kind of ‘blah’? You might be suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD). It's tough connecting with nature when you’re spending too much time indoors and slaving away in an office meeting deadline after deadline. Although NDD is not a recognized medical condition, it has attracted widespread attention. Consensus is that NDD is a symptom of current lifestyle.

Richard Louv coined the phrase Nature Deficit Disorder in his 2005 novel Last Child in the Woods where he argues that all of us, especially children, are spending more time indoors, where we feel alienated from nature and more vulnerable to negative moods and reduced attention span.

Solution? Breathe in (count to 10) and breathe out…slowly. Remain in the present moment. And, spend time with Mother Nature…like on a hike.

How to Hike in Harrison
Hiking is an unscripted experience where exploration and spontaneity meet. It’s natural medicine. Seratonin levels are boosted, creating a sense of serenity, and increased dopamine will have you feeling great! It’s your own multi-dimensional reality show as you engage all your senses and allow nature to draw you in…not social media notifications or Google alerts.

A hike:
●     elevates your senses as you’ll feel connected to the earth as opposed to your phone.
●     puts nature into perspective --in this vast world, we only make up a small portion of it.
●     awakens your sense of adventure as you take in your surroundings with renewed perspective.
●     allows you to focus better and reduce anxiety by being in the present moment.

How to Hike in Harrison
West coast-like of course. Grab your warmest toque and flannel plaid shirt, fave Lululemons, comfortable hiking boots, and a recyclable and refillable glass water bottle. Be safe.

●     Know your location, make notes of where you are going, and tell someone. Venturing out in the unknown has risks.
●     Know your limits and be mindful of what you can handle. Don’t overdo it to prove a point.
●     Check the weather -- trails can get slippery in wet conditions.
●     Pack the essentials like water, healthy snacks, first aid items, and skin protection.
●     Don’t eat what you don’t know like unfamiliar berries or leaves. 

As expressed by John Odonohue, “The greatest friend of the soul is the unknown.” But, we still can’t resist sharing five awesome Harrison trails.

Easy: Spirit Trail & Bridle Trail

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Medium: Sandy Cove & Whippoorwill Point

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Hard: Campbell River & Harrison Grind

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Difficult: Slollicum Peak

*Note: Slollicum is an amazing remote 5K hike up east of Harrison Lake Gravel  Rd. It's off the beaten path and gorgeous. When we say difficul,t it isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Harrison Hot Springs is Good Medicine

Harrison Hot Springs is good medicine

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Escaping the 'hustle and bustle' of city life, enjoying peaceful surroundings, and reconnecting with family are, collectively, Harrison's call-to-action.

Nobody said that the balancing act was easy. Investing in a relationship, leading a household, feeling obliged to attend social events, and shouldering a demanding career takes its toll. Now add buzzing phones and constant alerts and notifications.  The truth is that we tend to underestimate the strain that we are under and forget the need to unplug.  Our daily lifestyles keep cortisol (the stress hormone) levels up, which increases sugars in the bloodstream and is threatening to our health. But, when we think and act 'green', cortisol levels drop.

Just an hour and a half from Vancouver,  Harrison is surrounded by pristine, natural beauty creating meditative forest walks, therapeutic hot springs soaks, and soft adventure lake experiences. .

Locally-owned 'mom and pop' shops, bistros, and hotels are also within walking distance. After checking in to your room, there is no need to start the car up again until it's time to go home. The walkability creates an intimate feeling and has visitors exploring so much more at the ground level. Like the Sasquatch feet on the lake esplanade! 

Since Harrison is pet-friendly, be sure to bring the sweet pup too.

Go on a family hike and take pictures together, bring your bikes or rent some from our Village and explore, learn about our local food scene on the self-guided Circle Farm Tour, and walk around Harrison Lake. Invest in the family memory bank.

Harrison' will give you peace of mind. It's good medicine.


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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Quality of the Water and How It All Started!

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Are you reading to let off some steam? Although Harrison is a destination full of adventure and beautiful landscape, it’s one people long to go to for rest and relaxation. When most people hear of Harrison, they think of hot springs and the pools that encompass Harrison Resort. But, what they don’t know is the long history behind how these famous springs came to be.

How Hot Springs are Created

Hot springs occur when the emergence of geothermally, heated groundwater rises from the Earth's crust, meaning that water has seeped into the earth and has been heated by magma. Due to the earth’s pressure, water rises above the surface creating a “hot spring”. Geothermal hot springs are located world-wide!

How the Hot Springs Were Discovered

Originating back to the mid-1800s, when first discovered by the Europeans, Harrison’s hot springs were originally known as Warum Chuck or as the ‘healing place’ by the local Salish First Nations. Here’s an interesting story to share-- a group of miners, returning down Harrison Lake while trying to reach the shore had fallen into the waters from being anxious and exhausted. Due to its shocking warmth, they were delighted and comrades started to follow and jump in.

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A year later, Judge Matthew Begbie named the springs Alice Springs, after the daughter of the era’s Governor Douglas, but soon the springs were renamed Harrison Hot Springs, out of respect for Benjamin Harrison who was an important shareholder, and committee member, of the Hudson Bay Company.

There are two hot springs -- the “Potash”, with a temperature of 40 degrees C, and the "Sulphur" with a temperature of 65 degrees C. The water is pumped from one of the springs and cooled to provide a public mineral hot springs pool that visitors can enjoy at 38 degrees C (100 degrees F).

Hot Springs Health Benefits

The hot springs provide a natural cure for diseases and ailments due to the therapeutic use of the waters’ high mineral content, which is known to bring pain relief.  When submerged in the water, one’s hydrostatic pressure slowly rises and circulation and oxygen flow increase, which creates a strong heart! Primary minerals (calcium, sodium bicarbonate, sulfate, magnesium, iron, chloride, potassium, and zinc) and a handful of others are present in the water, averaging 1,300 parts per million of dissolved mineral solids, which is one of the highest concentrations of any mineral spring! When absorbed by one’s skin, the result is euphoric. 

Harrison Hot Springs Resort. πŸ“· Credits: @kathaffner on Instagram

The Minerals:

  • boost blood circulation.
  • reduce stress and promote sleep.
  • heal skin irritation, such as eczema.
  • relieve pain and aches.
  • help with nasal congestion and digestive issues.

Note: Hot springs soaking will impact everyone differently, resulting in varied results.

Why we have Hot Springs in Harrison

Most geothermal areas are near volcanoes that have been active in the past, or are still active. Many geologists believe that even after an eruption hundreds of thousands of year ago can leave magma chambers beneath the surface. In an area such as Harrison, which sits on a fault line, combined with its geothermal energy, makes it the perfect location to form hot springs.

 The Harrison Resort & The Harrison Public Pool.

Guests staying at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa may access the thermal waters while the public pool is centrally located at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade, available to everyone.

Have we convinced you that the springs of Harrison have healing powers? Still unsure, come down for a visit, and test the waters yourself.

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