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Come Be You…In Harrison Hot Springs

Harvey Fierstein said it best, “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life. Define yourself.”

Located an hour and a half from Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs is a small community of less than 2,000 people.

Like most small towns, people move here for the lifestyle…to hike the forest, bike the countryside, and paddle the waters. But, mainly, to just…’be’.

Corporate office attire starts to collect dust and high-heeled shoes rarely make an appearance. Mornings are spent walking the lakeshore as opposed to accommodating an aggressive alarm. Playlists come in the form of nature sounds. And, people stop to have real conversation.

People stop complaining about not having enough time or always answering a “How are you?” question with the standard answer, ‘Oh you know, busy as always.’ The days are said to last longer and being in the moment—self-reflection-- is a daily practice.

Harrison has managed to keep its small-town authenticity and continues to offer a strong sense of community, while embracing new residents and tourists from all over the world.

People enjoy:

Private moments with their loved ones in lush forest.
Waterfall hikes hand in hand.
Kayaking excursions on the stillest of waters.
Group bike rides, exploring the farm lands.

All in a safe and inclusive environment where freedom of thought and spirit can soar.

It is a land that celebrates the interrelatedness of all living things and strong diversity of people.

The resonating message is, simply, to “Come Be You”.

Cozy Fall Eats in Harrison: Our Best Burgers

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Nothing hits the spot like a juicy, deliciously-topped, fresh-off-the-grill burger. We can’t resist sharing Harrison’s biggest and best, and promise it’s some of the tastiest comfort food around! From schnitzel and bison patties to the classics with bacon and cheese, Harrison is a burger lover’s paradise.


Old Settler Pub’s Loaded Burger

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This is the Old Settler’s best-selling burger and for good reason. Take your classic lettuce, sweet red onion, ripe tomato, pickle, and mayo. And, then add a beef patty with melted cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, piled high sautéed mushrooms, and Settler’s house-made tangy burger sauce.  Double the patty? Double the pleasure.

Harrison Corner Café’s Corner Burger

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Located in the heart of Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Corner Café is focused on seasonal ingredients. Our top pick is the Corner Burger with its traditional perfection. Why change what works? Take a house-made beef patty and top with tomato, lettuce, spicy mayo, bacon, cheddar, pickles, and onions.  If you’re in the mood for variation, be sure to ask about their veggie and fish burgers.


Morgan’s Bistro and the Schnitzel Burger

Situated on the Harrison Lake Esplanade, and with wonderful beach views, Morgan's Bistro serves a killer Schnitzel Burger. Of course, it’s topped with lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese, but also anything else you could throw on it… you can! Locals reco!


Muddy Waters’ Bison Burger

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Let’s talk about bison now. Flavourful but lean meat that will have your. mouth. watering. Topped with gooey cheddar (aged 5 years), pepper bacon, a ginormous bison patty, and all the delicious toppings you’d want. You can even grab ice cream after with Baskin Robins located in the same space. Take it hot and cold at Muddy’s.


Black Forest’s Veggie Burger

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Black Forest is also blessed with an awesome patio overlooking Harrison Lake and serves   authentic German food. While also known for schnitzel, our fave is the Vegetarian Burger, loaded with a patty that you’ll swear is meat, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and any condiments you want.


Sandpiper Clubhouse’s Mills Burger

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Only 15 minutes away is Harrison Mills, home to Sandpiper Resort. The Mills is a house favourite loaded with crisp bacon, caramelized onions, and melted cheddar on top of a prime-rib patty, and enclosed in a potato brioche bun that’s smothered in roasted garlic mayo and trimmings. Can’t forget the patio’s views of the Harrison River!

So, which of these will you choose? Forget it and go for the entire burger trail!

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Go Fish! In Harrison

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Trout, salmon, sturgeon… you name it. Harrison Hot Springs is a sport fisher’s paradise. Situated on the largest freshwater lake in southwestern BC, the beautiful surroundings, immaculate rivers, and majestic wildlife attract anglers from across the world.

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Fraser River transports thousands of migrating salmon, between late August to December, and is home to our modern-day dinosaurs…the white sturgeon! These fish can grow up to 1,000 lbs and live up to 200 years old! Yes, we are being literal and are talking big fish. The Fraser feeds right into the Harrison River, which is home to Pacific Salmon species: King, Sockeye, Coho, Pink, and Chum. The vibrant phenomenon attracts tens of thousands of bald eagles and raptors, which has positioned the Harrison region as the world’s largest winter eagle gathering. So much so, that a festival occurs every year to celebrate. Harrison River is now the first designated Salmon Stronghold in Canada. 


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Lillooet River, located at the top end of Harrison Lake, is renowned for superior ‘catch and release’ trout and char fishing --ideal for fly fishers!
Fifteen minutes down the road in Harrison Mills, is the Chehalis River Enhancement Facility, providing insight into the lifecycle of salmon and trout. Visitors will learn about modern fish culture techniques to produce various salmon, steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat trout.
While fishing has typically been enjoyed more by men, trends have changed. Women are known for loving this new girlfriend getaway idea or even as a date day! It’s about the lifestyle piece…the calm of the water and the endorphin-rush when the line starts to tug. A Harrison adventure guarantees fishing tales to be shared for years to come.


How to get started?
โ— Obtain a fishing license and conservation stamps.
โ— Check out the Freshwater Fishing regulations
โ— Make sure you have the right equipment, fishing lines and hooks, and attire
โ— Choose the right bait for the type of fish you want to hook
โ— Take guidance from a knowledgeable friend or, better, yet, one of our experienced fishing guides.


For more information on fishing in the region, guided packages, boat rentals and guided tours, check out our website.

Need more information on how to get here, current weather conditions, itinerary ideas, or a Visitor Toolkit? Head over to our Plan Your Trip section!

Harrison Hot Springs, we’re #justuptheroad

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Harrisonโ€™s Top 5 Swimming Holes

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Oooh…it’s a hot one this summer! If you haven’t discovered our swimming holes, catch them now and escape the heat!

We are all about skipping ‘the busy’ and overcrowded beaches. Forget salty oceans and man-made pools. Ugh.

We are talking the Harrison way with cliff jumping, standing underneath roaring waterfalls, and enjoying crisp mountain water.



Sharing our top 5 picks:


1. Sasquatch Provincial Park (Deer, Trout, and Hicks Lake)

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Sasquatch Provincial Park, which is located north of Harrison Hot Springs is known for its series of pocket lakes, thriving forest, and scenic mountain ridge. To get here, you will need to drive through Harrison where you will stumble upon three different lakes: Deer, Trout, and Hicks.

Sasquatch Provincial Park is a vast wilderness area yet has ‘off the beaten path’ private swimming spots. Hicks and Deer Lake are also ideal for canoeing, while Trout Lake provides amazing fishing experiences. You have the option of choosing a day-use area or camping overnight.


2. Green Point

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This shoreline park is located about 6 kilometers north of Harrison Hot Springs and is situated right on Harrison Lake. Green Point is a day-use area, so make sure you don’t get stuck here overnight! There is plenty to do during the day with ample picnic spots, restroom facilities, a boat ramp, and kayaking spots. Harrison lake is a little cooler making it a great swimming beach to help you cool right off.


3. Kilby

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Tucked away in a rural setting, Kilby Provincial Park is known for its scenic riverfront location, and pioneer culture and history. Enjoy camping, picnicking, beach-time (opens mid to late summer when the water levels decrease), fishing, and boating. Note: the beach is fed by Harrison Lake so it is definitely on the refreshing side. And, rivers bring currents so don’t drift too far on a floaty or you’ll have one heck of a swim getting back!


4. Elbow lake

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Another great swimming spot is Elbow Lake. This lake is a smaller body of water compared to most in the Harrison area, and is a few kilometers up a dirt road (the Chehalis Forest Service Road), directly off of Highway 7. While it’s bit of a trek, this spot won’t disappoint and the water is warmer!


5. Sandy Cove

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Sandy Cove is definitely worth the drive in and hike up. Located directly behind Harrison’s historical buildings is a tree-lined path leading to a well-marked trailhead. As you continue on this trail, you’ll come to a junction where you can split off and head towards Sandy Cove or Whippoorwill Point (taking you to the entrance of Harrison River). Following Sandy Cove, you will be lead down through the forest and voila! You’ll be mesmerized by the secluded beach!


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For weather conditions, itinerary ideas, and a Visitor Toolkit, head to our Plan Your Trip section.

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