Lake life in Harrison Hot Springs

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What comes to mind when you think of Harrison, besides hot springs?


And, we would like to think that we aren’t just any beach, but the go-to beach! From shoreline picnic grounds and soft sand you’ll want to be buried in to boat launches, a playground and floating water park, we aren’t really sure why you would ever want to leave.

Here’s how to make the most out of summer!

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1. Ice Cream

The quintessential summer treat... a perfectly mounded, double-scooped ice cream cone! There is nothing better than cooling off at Baskin Robbins –conveniently located in the heart of Harrison Village at Muddy Waters Café -- with a variety of flavours to choose from. Not up for ice cream? Head down to Chantilly Ice Cream and enjoy Harrison's largest selection of authentic Italian gelato and sorbet.


2. Lakeside Sports

Lakeside volleyball is where. it’s. at!  Pull out your volleyball, grab a group of friends, and get your serves and spikes in all while absorbing the views of the aquamarine colours in Harrison Lake! If volleyball isn’t your choice, try soccer, frisbee, football, or badminton.  Or bring a kite!


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3. Water Sports

If you don’t want to hang by the water, then get in it. You will find everything that you can think of at the waterdock –kayaks, speed boats to rent, seadoos, wakeboards, banana tube rides, and even guided salmon and fishing tours.



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4. Beach Time

Laying on the beach and doing absolutely nothing. Ahhh, to have glowing sun-kissed skin and melt away stress and worry. Grab your fave beach towel, set up an umbrella (nothing fun about looking like beat-red at the end of the day), grab that book you keep meaning to finish off, and doze off. Not one to be a beach bum? Splash in the shallows, or go build a sandcastle. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!


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5. Patio restaurants

You’ll be famished after a day at the beach…guaranteed.  Come fuel up and people watch on one of our patios.  For water views, our recos include Muddy Waters Café, Lakefront Café, Milos Greek Taverna, Morgan’s Bistro, Black Forest, and the Islands Bar at the Harrison Resort. Or, just off the beaten path is Harrison Corner Café or Old Settlers Pub.



Bonus note!
From mid-July through to Labour Day, Harrison is packed with weekend festivals and entertainment.


For more information on how to get here, current weather conditions, itinerary ideas, and a Visitor Toolkit, head to our Plan Your Trip section.

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