Tips for Hot Springing while visiting British Columbia

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Who can deny the enjoyment of a long, warm soak whether it’s in a jacuzzi or your own bathtub? But nothing beats natural hot springs that promise a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Known for having curative properties, for some, visiting the springs has even become an annual pilgrimage. Here's our tip list of ‘how to hot spring’ in Harrison.

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- Don’t come early. Your body is just waking up, and stabilizing its temperature and blood pressure after a restful sleep. A sudden spike in temperature can throw you off, so sleep in if you like and save the back-to-basics spa experience until later in the day.

- Be prepared to soak in almost nothing but your birthday suit. Mineral-rich waters can cause staining and tarnish jewelry.

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- Do. Not. Dehyrdate. The name says it all…’hot’ springs, which means you need to stay hydrated with plenty of water. The only downside is the frequent trips to the bathroom. And, don’t forget sunscreen on those summer days. 

- To enjoy a longer soak but prevent overheating, keep your head cool. It’s been known that the Japanese use cool clothes to keep their head temperature low in their hot springs (onsen culture). Helps to prevent headaches, too.

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- Soaking yourself is exceptionally good for your skin. The heat envelopes you and helps to soothe aching muscles, while the minerals stimulate certain bodily processes. It’s like a multivitamin for your skin!

- Lemon-infused hot spring water cocktails?  While visiting natural Hot Springs, some believe that drinking the hot springs water is healing and will have even add a slice of lemon. In our opinion, we don’t recommend drinking untreated water.

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- Leave Fido at home. We understand that the thought of bringing your pup with you is appealing, but the heat can create bacteria and affect the poor pup’s health.

- Soaking any time of year is a treat but the winter feels are second to none. The crisp fresh air against the streaming water is truly blissful. Plus, winter tends to bring more aches and pains and a hot springs soak is the perfect medicine.

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- Don’t bring glass. Bring your beverage in a can or durable plastic bottle. An unintended slip can cause broken shards of glass making it near impossible to clean and is dangerous.

- Each hot spring has different mineral content so know Harrison’s therapeutic benefits. The minerals will boost blood circulation and reduce stressors.

- Forget warm milk. Hot spring at the end of the day and we promise that you’ll sleep like a baby.


Harrison’s hot springs can be experienced at the Public Pool or at the Harrison Resort and Spa. Guests staying at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort may access the resort pools; whereas, the public pool is centrally-located at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade, and is accessible by everyone.  To learn more, visit our website.

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