Harrison’s Top 5 Hiking Spots

Harrison Top 5 Hiking Spots

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📍Spirit Trail

Feeling burnt out, stressed, or just kind of ‘blah’? You might be suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD). It's tough connecting with nature when you’re spending too much time indoors and slaving away in an office meeting deadline after deadline. Although NDD is not a recognized medical condition, it has attracted widespread attention. Consensus is that NDD is a symptom of current lifestyle.

Richard Louv coined the phrase Nature Deficit Disorder in his 2005 novel Last Child in the Woods where he argues that all of us, especially children, are spending more time indoors, where we feel alienated from nature and more vulnerable to negative moods and reduced attention span.

Solution? Breathe in (count to 10) and breathe out…slowly. Remain in the present moment. And, spend time with Mother Nature…like on a hike.

How to Hike in Harrison
Hiking is an unscripted experience where exploration and spontaneity meet. It’s natural medicine. Seratonin levels are boosted, creating a sense of serenity, and increased dopamine will have you feeling great! It’s your own multi-dimensional reality show as you engage all your senses and allow nature to draw you in…not social media notifications or Google alerts.

A hike:
●     elevates your senses as you’ll feel connected to the earth as opposed to your phone.
●     puts nature into perspective --in this vast world, we only make up a small portion of it.
●     awakens your sense of adventure as you take in your surroundings with renewed perspective.
●     allows you to focus better and reduce anxiety by being in the present moment.

How to Hike in Harrison
West coast-like of course. Grab your warmest toque and flannel plaid shirt, fave Lululemons, comfortable hiking boots, and a recyclable and refillable glass water bottle. Be safe.

●     Know your location, make notes of where you are going, and tell someone. Venturing out in the unknown has risks.
●     Know your limits and be mindful of what you can handle. Don’t overdo it to prove a point.
●     Check the weather -- trails can get slippery in wet conditions.
●     Pack the essentials like water, healthy snacks, first aid items, and skin protection.
●     Don’t eat what you don’t know like unfamiliar berries or leaves. 

As expressed by John Odonohue, “The greatest friend of the soul is the unknown.” But, we still can’t resist sharing five awesome Harrison trails.

Easy: Spirit Trail & Bridle Trail

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Medium: Sandy Cove & Whippoorwill Point

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Hard: Campbell River & Harrison Grind

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Difficult: Slollicum Peak

*Note: Slollicum is an amazing remote 5K hike up east of Harrison Lake Gravel  Rd. It's off the beaten path and gorgeous. When we say difficul,t it isn’t for the faint of heart.

📷 Credits: @runwildbc on Instagram


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