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Trout, salmon, sturgeon… you name it. Harrison Hot Springs is a sport fisher’s paradise. Situated on the largest freshwater lake in southwestern BC, the beautiful surroundings, immaculate rivers, and majestic wildlife attract anglers from across the world.

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Fraser River transports thousands of migrating salmon, between late August to December, and is home to our modern-day dinosaurs…the white sturgeon! These fish can grow up to 1,000 lbs and live up to 200 years old! Yes, we are being literal and are talking big fish. The Fraser feeds right into the Harrison River, which is home to Pacific Salmon species: King, Sockeye, Coho, Pink, and Chum. The vibrant phenomenon attracts tens of thousands of bald eagles and raptors, which has positioned the Harrison region as the world’s largest winter eagle gathering. So much so, that a festival occurs every year to celebrate. Harrison River is now the first designated Salmon Stronghold in Canada. 


📸 by: BC Sport Fishing Group Ltd. on Facebook

Lillooet River, located at the top end of Harrison Lake, is renowned for superior ‘catch and release’ trout and char fishing --ideal for fly fishers!
Fifteen minutes down the road in Harrison Mills, is the Chehalis River Enhancement Facility, providing insight into the lifecycle of salmon and trout. Visitors will learn about modern fish culture techniques to produce various salmon, steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat trout.
While fishing has typically been enjoyed more by men, trends have changed. Women are known for loving this new girlfriend getaway idea or even as a date day! It’s about the lifestyle piece…the calm of the water and the endorphin-rush when the line starts to tug. A Harrison adventure guarantees fishing tales to be shared for years to come.


How to get started?
Obtain a fishing license and conservation stamps.
● Check out the Freshwater Fishing regulations
● Make sure you have the right equipment, fishing lines and hooks, and attire
● Choose the right bait for the type of fish you want to hook
● Take guidance from a knowledgeable friend or, better, yet, one of our experienced fishing guides.


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