Kayaking & Canoeing: Soul-soothing goodness

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๐Ÿ“ Harrison Lake


You may already be familiar with the fact we have magical healing hot springs, but there is a whole free-spirit side to Harrison that you may not be aware of.

Harrison is also a kayaking mecca.

From Harrison Mills to where the Harrison River meets Harrison Hot Springs, the scenery remains untouched, the water is calming, and the exploration routes are endless.

Kayakers come to Harrison to embrace the serene and be held in suspense, watching nature’s version of Netflix--bird sightings, scenic wilderness, wildlife, and breathtaking views and waterfalls.


Paddle out with our Top 5:

๐Ÿ“Harrison River

1. DABBLE WITH A PADDLE: This is the perfect trip for the novice or experienced paddler. Leaving twice daily from the Harrison Lakeshore, this tour includes safety orientation and a two-hour paddle on Harrison Lake and part-way down the Harrison River.


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๐Ÿ“Maiami River

2) MIAMI RIVER IS FAMILY FRIENDLY: Bring along the littles. This is an easy paddle suited for families with young children. The Miami River is a super-fun route where you'll paddle right through the Village. Scenic and full of wildlife and a variety of birds.


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3) HARRISON HISTORY THAT REMAINS A SECRET: Paddle past the First Nations' petroglyphs, burial sites, and the historic "Bubble and Squeak" sunken steamship. Abundant wildlife and scenic beauty, 4-5 hours long.


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๐Ÿ“Rainbow Falls

4) OVER THE RAINBOW: Accessible only by boat and a full day trip in your kayak that you will never forget. Pack a picnic lunch and take a guided paddle to Rainbow Falls. Stretch your legs as you take a short hike up to the falls. 8 hour round trip.


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๐Ÿ“ Harrison Mills

Harrison Hot Springs to Harrison Mills. Come with a friend and bring two cars. Leave one in Harrison Mills, at either Kilby Historic Site or Sandpiper Resort, and take the other to Harrison Hot Springs. This is gorgeous year-round but, especially, in the fall when bald eagles gather. Be sure to explore Weaver Creek and Morris Creek along the way.


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๐Ÿ“ Sasquatch Provincial Park

*BONUS: SASQUATCH PROVINCIAL PARK: Touches on four lakes, two of which --Deer and Hicks --are well suited to explore in smaller boats. (Electric motors are only meant for Deer Lake and 10 hp is the maximum permitted speed on Hicks.) Paddle to the isolated Sandy Beach at Hick's south end.
Note: Kayakers can experience strong winds and should note that Harrison is a glacier-fed lake that can be quite cold. Come prepared, use fitted good-quality life jackets, stay close to shore, and only venture out with a guide or if experienced.

Bring your own kayak or rental one from Killer's Cove.  Better yet, take a guided tour with Harrison Eco Tours.


Whichever route you choose, you’ll be able to:

โ— explore - If you go far enough, and wander into the ‘unknown’, Harrison will surprise you with hidden inlets and unturned stones.

โ— strengthen – Kayaking requires upper body strength and balance. Every time you venture out, you will feel yourself getting stronger.

โ— de-stress- Hear yourself think again as you drown out inside noise. It’s a mystical Spotify tune in real time as you listen to nature whispers.

Only 1.5 hours from Vancouver and 40 minutes from the Valley, Harrison Hot Springs is


Learn more about Kayaking and Canoeing in Harrison Hot Springs ๐Ÿ‘‰https://www.tourismharrison.com///paddling

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