Health Benefits of Being Outdoors & Biking

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Love seeing today’s awareness campaigns about health and fitness. Messaging strongly states to “get outdoors and stay fit”!

While the advancement of technology has brought convenience, the downside is sedentary living.

Let’s recapture --maintaining regular physical activity helps to protect our bodies from disease and obesity and fights mental illness.  We know this.


One of the ways to stay active and, still have fun, is to bike! We loved biking as kids –it was our ticket to freedom! Around teenage-hood, we got cars and many of us stopped. Remember that feeling of exploring hidden spots, riding down paths, and just being outside in the fresh air? Nostalgia at its best, right?

We encourage you to bring biking back.

The benefits of cycling are nearly endless! Riding a bike (even a stationary one) helps to reduce the risk of health problems –it’s a low impact exercise that is enjoyed by all ages- - but being outside in nature is stimulating. Remember last month’s post about Nature Deficit Disorder?

Other benefits? Biking is awesome for our environment as we aren’t polluting the air and parking is a breeze. We are witnessing a rise in biking to work, too. Did you know that there is roughly one billion people riding their bikes every single day? Don’t see biking as a workout. Bike to run an errand or see a friend.


You can ‘copy and paste’ this section and forward to those friends that you are asking to join you on bike rides.

Health Benefits:

● increases cardiovascular fitness and improved joint mobility
● increases muscle strength and flexibility in hands and legs
● decreases stress levels
● improves posture and coordination
● sharpens the mind
● strengthens bones
● decreases body fat levels
● prevents or manages disease and illness
● reduces anxiety and depression


General rule of thumb is to do 100 - 150 plus minutes of moderate physical activity a week. Breaking it down, that’s about 20-30 minutes of exercise 3-5 days a week.

We have some beautiful biking spots in Harrison. You can bring your own bike, but we also have rentals at Jaime Quadracycle from self-propelled vehicles and quadracycles to tricycles and regular bicycles. You can also rent by the hour at Glencoe Motel Bike Rentals or grab some from Harrison Beach. (Not limited to hotel guests.)



Ride out with our top 5 Picks:

Harrison has a variety of biking trails, suited for the novice to the experienced.

1) COUNTRY ROAD RIDE is a 26 km ride, taking you from Harrison Hot Springs to the farm lands of Agassiz as part of our Circle Farm Tour. You’ll drive past farms, corn fields, hazelnut orchards, cows, sheep, and, even, the odd donkey.

Back Porch: Pottery & basketry studio boasting antiques, collectibles, and other home/ garden décor items. Character buildings, chickens, goats and family vegetable gardens.

Farm House Natural Cheeses: Certified organic farm producing a wide variety of artisan farmstead cow and goat milk cheeses, non-homogenized milk, butter and yogurt from the farm's grass-fed cows and goats. Watch the cheesemaking process through the viewing window and take time for a stroll around the farm to visit the animals.

2) LAKESIDE: Bike along the gorgeous esplanade*.
(Please watch out for vehicles as it is a narrow shoulder.)

3) HARRISON MILLS TO HARRISON HOT SPRINGS: (and back) - for the more intermediate riders --an hour ride there and back -- stop at the springs on Mt. Woodside where you can fill up your water bottle with fresh spring water! (Note: there is an elevation gain on both sides.)

4) RIDE THROUGH THE VILLAGE: Nothing beats taking a tour of Harrison Village. (Please watch for other pedestrians and vehicles.)

5) BEAR MOUNTAIN SIDE TRAIL LOOP: A total 7.5 km round-trip. This ride begins at Memorial Hall and turns into Mount Street Trail. You’ll see lots of farmland, leading into forest and over a bridge crossing at which point you’ll twist and turn a bit more before looping back.

Pedal then pool: Stay and soak in one of the hot spring pools or enjoy the healing springs spa at Harrison Resort.


Bikes to Bites:

You have worked up a sweat and are ready for a monster bowl of something.

Stop by The Old Settler Pub or Sandpiper Resort's Clubhouse.

Muddy's serves their coffee hot, and signature-size desserts are guaranteed to hit the spot. Wanting a bit more on the upscale and farm-fresh? Try Harrison Corner, Black Forest,  Copper Room, or Morgan's Bistro.


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