Everything You Wanted to Know About the Quality of the Water and How It All Started!

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Are you reading to let off some steam? Although Harrison is a destination full of adventure and beautiful landscape, it’s one people long to go to for rest and relaxation. When most people hear of Harrison, they think of hot springs and the pools that encompass Harrison Resort. But, what they don’t know is the long history behind how these famous springs came to be.

How Hot Springs are Created

Hot springs occur when the emergence of geothermally, heated groundwater rises from the Earth's crust, meaning that water has seeped into the earth and has been heated by magma. Due to the earth’s pressure, water rises above the surface creating a “hot spring”. Geothermal hot springs are located world-wide!

How the Hot Springs Were Discovered

Originating back to the mid-1800s, when first discovered by the Europeans, Harrison’s hot springs were originally known as Warum Chuck or as the ‘healing place’ by the local Salish First Nations. Here’s an interesting story to share-- a group of miners, returning down Harrison Lake while trying to reach the shore had fallen into the waters from being anxious and exhausted. Due to its shocking warmth, they were delighted and comrades started to follow and jump in.

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A year later, Judge Matthew Begbie named the springs Alice Springs, after the daughter of the era’s Governor Douglas, but soon the springs were renamed Harrison Hot Springs, out of respect for Benjamin Harrison who was an important shareholder, and committee member, of the Hudson Bay Company.

There are two hot springs -- the “Potash”, with a temperature of 40 degrees C, and the "Sulphur" with a temperature of 65 degrees C. The water is pumped from one of the springs and cooled to provide a public mineral hot springs pool that visitors can enjoy at 38 degrees C (100 degrees F).

Hot Springs Health Benefits

The hot springs provide a natural cure for diseases and ailments due to the therapeutic use of the waters’ high mineral content, which is known to bring pain relief.  When submerged in the water, one’s hydrostatic pressure slowly rises and circulation and oxygen flow increase, which creates a strong heart! Primary minerals (calcium, sodium bicarbonate, sulfate, magnesium, iron, chloride, potassium, and zinc) and a handful of others are present in the water, averaging 1,300 parts per million of dissolved mineral solids, which is one of the highest concentrations of any mineral spring! When absorbed by one’s skin, the result is euphoric. 

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The Minerals:

  • boost blood circulation.
  • reduce stress and promote sleep.
  • heal skin irritation, such as eczema.
  • relieve pain and aches.
  • help with nasal congestion and digestive issues.

Note: Hot springs soaking will impact everyone differently, resulting in varied results.

Why we have Hot Springs in Harrison

Most geothermal areas are near volcanoes that have been active in the past, or are still active. Many geologists believe that even after an eruption hundreds of thousands of year ago can leave magma chambers beneath the surface. In an area such as Harrison, which sits on a fault line, combined with its geothermal energy, makes it the perfect location to form hot springs.

 The Harrison Resort & The Harrison Public Pool.

Guests staying at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa may access the thermal waters while the public pool is centrally located at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade, available to everyone.

Have we convinced you that the springs of Harrison have healing powers? Still unsure, come down for a visit, and test the waters yourself.

Learn more 👉  http://tourismharrison.com/hot-springs

Learn more about Harrison Hot Springs Resort 👉  http://harrisonresort.com

8 hot spring experiences on Scenic Highway 7.

Looking for BC hot springs near Vancouver?  Did you know there are 8 places to find hot mineral water between Maple Ridge and Harrison Lake? 

Harrison Public Pool - Mineral Bath House - @bchotspringer

Harrison Public Pool Mineral Bath House by @BCHotSpringer

While these hot springs look amazing, some of them are very hard to get to. If you have a strong sense of adventure, and the right vehicle, or perhaps access to a helicopter, you might be able to find most of the lesser known back country hot springs along Scenic7BC .  When visiting back country hot springs, please take caution and care to protect yourself and these areas. We bet none of you have been to all 8! 

#8. Clear Creek Hot Springs

Clear Creek Hot Springs requires a 4×4 truck to get to, but is still one of the easiest to access of all the back country hot springs on Scenic7BC. It is rare to have the hot springs to yourself, and it does not have as natural of a setting or set-up as some of the others. Of course it is still a great adventure, and a great soak in some volcano heated mineral water.

#7. Tsek Hot Springs AKA Skookumchuck / St Agnes Wells Hot Springs

While the Skook is accessible through a West Harrison Forest Service Road (FSR) in Harrison Mills, it is more often accessed through the other side of the mountain range on Highway 99. If you are an adventure type, you can access this spring and the Sloquet spring via Harrison Mills on a 4×4 only road.  This road is not for beginner 4×4 drivers.

For more information about the spring visit: tsekhotspring.com

[update: The road to Sloquet and T'sek via Harrison is currently closed due to flood damage on the road. Visitors must use Lower Lillooet FSR to access these springs at this time.]

#6. Harrison Hobo Hot Springs

Harrison Hobo Hot Springs

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The locals of Harrison Hot Springs have found a place along side Harrison  Lake, where hot water comes out of the ground near to the main hot spring source. Local soaking enthusiasts have dug  holes in the ground and built up rocks around  it, and have named it the Harrison Hobo Hot Springs.  One of the Hobo holes is under lake water during the spring and early summer during spring highwater.  The other soaking hole is above the hot spring source trail beside the historic hot spring source building. The Harrison Hobo Hot Springs can get hot, so bring a bucket and you can add some cold water from the lake or the nearby creek.

5. Sloquet Hot Springs

Just like Skookumchuck, Sloquet is difficult to access because of the road. To access it from the Harrison side, you must have a 4×4 truck and know how to drive it! Once you arrive at the campsites and day parking, you will follow a trail down to the springs. Don't forget to bring some cash for the user fee collected at the entrance.  

Most people who visit Sloquet or T'sek Hot Springs access it via Highway 99 between Pemberton and Lillooet as seen in this YouTube video below.  Many 4x4 enthusiusts  drive right through  from Harrison to Highway 99 via the West Harrison FSR and the Lower Lillooet River FSR.

[update: The road to Sloquet and T'sek via Harrison is currently closed due to flood damage on the road. Visitors must use Lower Lillooet FSR to access these springs at this time.]

4. Harrison Hot Springs Public Bath House


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The most accessible of all the hot springs is the Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool (Mineral Bathhouse). Fed by the same  hot mineral springs as the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, the Harrison Hot Springs Public Hot Pools gives everyone visiting Harrison Hot Springs a chance to soak in the therapeutic waters.  For information visit: https://www.tourismharrison.com///hot-springs

3. August Jacob’s Hot Springs

This secret hot spring has only been discovered by a few people and is completely undeveloped. While the  location has been verified to be near Sloquet and Skookumchuck Hot Springs, August Jacob’s Hot Springs remains a secret to the general public.

2. Pitt River Hot Springs


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This one is not easy to find, but because it is so remote there is often no one else there, and happens to be the closest back country springs to the City of Vancouver.  Getting to this spring  is difficult, and takes a lot to coordinate... unless, of course, you have a helicopter. 

1. Harrison Hot Springs Resort

If battling with mother nature to soak in some hot mineral water just isn’t your thing, and you want something fancier than the Harrison Public Hot Pools, then a stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa is an absolute must! For more information visit http://HarrisonResort.com

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