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Arts & Heritage in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Harrison proudly shares it's supernatural BC history and culturally diverse arts.

Step back in time and discover the lives of natives and the early settlers dating back to the 1800's. Several carefully preserved museums in and around Harrison Hot Springs are living links to otherwise forgotten times. Enjoy captivating stories of the past from guides dressed in historical period costumes. Also explore rare BC treasures as you view farm tools, medical equipment and living quarters from more than a century ago, along with a large collection of native baskets, arrowheads and other aboriginal artifacts.

Also celebrate the artistic side of life observing one-of-a-kind creations by local artists. The local art scene is built on Harrison's Festival's 30-plus year tradition of honouring music, dance, theatre and visual arts. You'll unearth everything from pottery and glassworks to original paintings and prints. Inspire your imagination and, if you so desire, indulge in the art you love.

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