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Happy Birthday Canada!

June 29, 2017

It's going to be an awesome summer in Harrison Hot Springs, From events, festivals, self-guided tours, and so much more, you'll be left with the question of where to start! Upload this post into your calendar and pace yourself for weekends of fun! 

Self Guided Circle Farm Tour

A celebration of past and present, this tour is a rich mix of wonderful things to see, do, smell, and taste! See cows roaming the fields, watch artisan cheese and hand-crafted pottery in the making. Take a self-guided tour of a 1920's living history historic site, explore a garden and shop for antiques and home & garden décor. Smell fresh coffee being roasted and taste homemade dishes with locally-sourced products, heirloom tomatoes, garlic, corn, cheese, raspberries, blueberries, and fresh veggies. Don't forget about the Harrison River Select salmon treats!

Here is a sample of what you can find year-round!

As of August (as soon as it's ready), you must try Sparkes Corn Barn for sweet corn!

How far can you go without a refuel? Stop by Back Porch Coffee for coffee, antiques, pottery, and more!

River Select Salmon is carefully harvested with the future in mind so that we can enjoy for many seasons!

 Stay and soak in one of the hot spring pools or enjoy the healing springs spa.

Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour July 22

Tourism Harrison, Prospera Credit Union, and our farmers welcome you to another year of exploring the countryside.  The Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour is a leisurely, one-day self-guided cycle tour, centred around a 30-km flat route. 

Bags too heavy for biking? A shuttle service has been provided, which will collect your purchases and bring them back to the registration area for pick-up. We encourage a stop and shop at the many local artisan booths along the way. That's right, we are talking Christmas shopping in July! 

Stop by UBC’S Dairy Education and Research Centre and find out why cows can thrive eating forages, whereas humans cannot? Do they prefer to live indoors or outdoors? So many great questions, to be answered.

Follow on Facebook for updated announcements. 

Here is a sneak peak of what you will see on July 22nd!

Hammersley Farms specializes in spray-free blueberries and raspberries. Flop on a sun hat and
u-pick away!

Earthwise Agassiz' demonstration organic teaching farm has farm-grown veggies.

Why does a happy cow matter? Pasture-fed cows and goats make delicious cheese.
Just stop and ask at Farmhouse Natural Cheeses!

Peace and tranquility await.  Blackberry Lane will be featuring freshly baked farm fresh goodies and baking! 

Splash-Down Time

Let's not forget one of the most important parts of summer -- Harrison Lake! From activities like the Waterpark in the Lake and Bumper Boats, to a day at the beach, why not skip the airplane... and stay-cation with us.

Camping family? Explore our recreational scene.


Bring a friend!Loaded with electric water guns, and so fun at any age.


The sun, sand, & a bucket in hand.


10 person Banana Tube is pulled behind a high-performance


See here for a complete list of
need-to-know before playing
at the Water Park!

Stay with us!

Explore our camping scene or book a room at one of our hotels.


Canada 150 Celebrations and Events

Come celebrate Canada's 150th with us! Cheer on with the crowd at our Annual Canada Day Fireworks display, but come early before the massive crowd arrive.

Read all about our festival and events! 

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Preparing you for your next adventure!

June 1, 2017

Yes, we have magical hot springs, but there's a whole side to us that is wooing the free spirit's heart.
We are here to help you dot your i's and cross your t's before your next trek.

Make sure you don't forget! Bring your:

1. Lightweight backpack
Filled with sunscreen, jerky, granola, and an environmentally-friendly water bottle. Or, stop by one of our cafés for a bite to pack up.

2. Supportive hiking shoes
No fun climbing a mountain with sore feet. 

3. Bike or kayak
We have rentals if you don't have one!

4. Camera or smart phone, and sketch pad and pencils to capture your memories
Be sure to snap a pic with Sasquatch Harry -- the read deal, of course, or you can stop by our statue. Sketch pad by a calming stream? Pure heaven.

5. Your swimsuit
Take a hot springs dip at the public pool or spend the night at the Harrison Resort and Spa.

6. Binoculars 
The views are stunning, and you are sure to catch a glimpse of Supernatural BC wildlife!

7. Change of clothes to transition from day to night. 
You'll feel much better getting out of your damp and grimy clothing before hitting a local hotspot. 

8. Your appetite 
A full day exploring equals hunger!

Nothing means more to us than tagged photos. Sending a huge thanks to our social media savvy visitors! Click here for further information.

Be prepared for the
time of your life!

Makes sure your checklist
includes an appreciation for
sensational views!

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#HarrisonHotSprings by 

Treat those tender tootsies right. Think about your awesome hike, not sore toes!

 JustUpTheRoad in #HarrisonHotSprings by @corrinskalbeck

Ride your bike to our Circle Farm Tour Partners, or chill on the water and watch soaring eagles.

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This is your journey...your Harrison Hot Springs. Capture it the way you want to remember.  

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Although tempting, we have to require a bathing suit at all times! (winky face)

 JustUpTheRoad in #HarrisonHotSprings by

Noise and distraction make it hard to be in the present moment. Take all of Mother Nature in.

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Feeling adrenalized? Time for a cold one, and we don't mean
another pool dip.

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Can't let your blood sugar drop. Fuel up with small bites with good eats at local hotspots.

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Rainy Days and Winter Days... Come on Down!!!

Rain, puddles, and mud can heal your soul and bring out the kid in all of us. Revel in it!

As the Village of Harrison settles into the winter season, visitors often bypass Harrison as a destination assuming that there is “nothing to do”. They couldn’t be more wrong.  The easiest solution to enjoying cold and rain is a… change of clothes.
There are few things as magical to a child (or young teen for that matter) than being let loose in the pouring rain to run on the beach, make mud castles and generally stop being told to Button up! Wear your hat! Don’t step in puddles!!! By bringing a change of clothes and a large garbage bag to carry home your “have fun” clothes, parents can, with a wonderful hot chocolate, coffee, tea or mocha in hand, pull out the camera and capture pure joy on the faces of their children…or better yet, jump in yourself and be a kid again.

Here is how you can enjoy with abandon the following things to do in Harrison when it's not summer:

BC Sport Fishing Group

Sturgeon Fishing Charters and Off-Season Fishing. From December 15 to April 30th we offer daily walk and wade tutorials for either gear or fly fishers.

Farm House Natural Cheeses

Bring along some cut apples for the horses and pull up a couple of handfuls of green grass for the cows and goats!

Harrison Eco Tours

Harrison River Eagle Viewing Tours

Sasquatch Country Adventure Tours

Shoreline Lake Tours

The Back Porch

Lynda has been a full-time potter for the last 30 years and a willow basket maker for over 20 years, so be sure to check out the studio and showroom.  Dan is a full-time artisan coffee roaster, offering certified organic and origin coffees. He works with an antique Royal #5 roaster dating from 1919 and there’s always coffee on.

Trout Fishing in Trout, Hicks, and Deer Lake

Chilliwack River Rafting

Running the most awesome trips ever, all year round!

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Sandpiper Golf

Course conditions change daily which can determine if we are open for play. Call ahead for course updates and to book a tee-time by *phone, please call 1-844-796-1717 (extension 1) *Regular green fee rates apply when phoning the Pro Shop!*Regular Rates $59.95/person Mid-Week & $79.95/person Weekends & Holidays (taxes are extra)

Biking in and around Harrison

Biking in and Around Harrison





Harrison Hot Springs offers some of the finest biking to be found in the Fraser Valley. At Harrison's doorstel the fertline farmland of Agassiz provides kilometer after kilometer of beautiful scenery and wonderful country roads. Best of all it is all flat. Starting from the Harrison Visitor Center, you could do a twenty kilometer route and come back feeling as though you've only pedalled five.

There is so much to see and do that the road rolls beneath your wheels and the sun, fresh air and freedom flows through you like a summer breeze.  Ride past a number of Circle Farm Tour stops...  Watch for the cat in the grass...

At The Back Porch,  Dan and Lynda invite you to visit their pottery & basketry studio, watch coffee being roasted in a circa 1919 flame roaster or head out to the barn to see the antiques and collectables.  Farm House Natural Cheeses  offers a variety of hand made artisan cheeses that are produced from rich, fresh milk produced from the dairy cows and goats on the farm...and, the gelato flavors are awesome!  The barn animals are wonderful to visit and love head scratches and ear rubs!

Bike around Limbert mountain...ride the dike...or, for those of you looking for something more challenging, take on Mount Woodside and see if you have what it takes to get to the other side.

Visitor's Guide