Harrison's celebration of the Bald Eagles 


Every fall millions of salmon return to the Harrison River to spawn.  This natural wonder is matchd by an incredible migration of thousands of Bald Eagles who return annually to the Harrison Mills area to feast on the salmon once they have spawned.  

To celebrate and honour this incredible natural wonder the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival started nearly 20 years ago.   Centred in the Harrison Mills area where the Harrison River widens and offers shallow gravel bars for the returning salmon, it is possible to see up to 10,000 Bald Ealges feasting on salmon.  While it is not possible to see the eagles directly from Harrison, Harrison Mills is only a short 20 minute drive away 

* Please note we will not be offering a shuttle bus to view the eagles this year. You are welcome to stop into the Harrison Visitor Centre, 499 Hot Springs rd, Wednesday through Saturday and pick up maps and locations of viewing sites. Harrison Mills is only 20 minute pleasant drive away. 

Taking a boat tour is another excellent way to view the ealges as many times they are up in the trees or along sandbars that are limiting to see from land. 

Visitor's Guide